10 Travel Packing Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Monday, July 31, 2017

Travelling is the best thing in the world. Unfortunately, it involves one of the least favourite things in the world: packing. There’s nothing worse than booking your dream holiday and not having enough room for your best evening dress or the most comfortable hiking boots.

So, how do you travel when you are going for a solo trip as a female? Here are the ten travel packing tips for solo female travellers.

Tip #1: Pick clothes you can mix and match

You essentially don’t want to pack anything that can only be worn on its own. This means that you want to focus on layers and clothes that go with all the other items on your list.

As an example, don’t pack a t-shirt that only matches one pair of jeans. Pick shirts that go with your jeans, skirts and leggings, for instance. Those one of dresses that can only be worn in a specific occasion are better left at home.

Tip #2: Have your next stop contact details saved on paper and phone

When you’re travelling as a solo female, you don’t want to end up standing on the side of the road in the middle of the night figuring out where to go. Therefore, it’s important to have your next stop contact details (hotel or an Airbnb place) saved on a piece of paper and your smartphone. This ensures you always have a number to call, an address to book a taxi to and a good idea of where you’re going.

Tip #3: Divide your money

Never have all of your cash in a single bag – whether the suitcase or your tote bag. You want to prepare for all eventualities and this means ensuring that if one bag is stolen or lost, you still have some money to sort out your problems.

Tip #4: Use the 3-shoes rule

It might be a stereotype but many women love shoes. However, your luggage doesn’t. There’s also no need to carry around five pairs of shoes for a trip. Use the three-shoes rule: to a warm location you need sneakers for walking, flip-flops to wear at the beach and a pair of cool ballerinas, and for the winter, boots, sneakers and leather shoes for formal occasions are enough.

Tip #5: Invest in good nightdress, but don’t pack too much

When travelling, you want to have comfortable nightwear that makes you feel good and confident. You need to change regularly – obviously – but this doesn’t mean you should go crazy. If you want to invest in good quality pajamas, check Ann Summers discount codes for proper travel-friendly nightwear. You can simply wash them without any extra efforts at the hotel sink as they are good quality!

Tip #6: Use a backpack as the cabin luggage

A good-sized backpack is the best companion for cabin. You have lots of cool roll-in bags and the like, but a traditional backpack can carry much more stuff within it. Use the size smartly – back enough entertainment, clothing and other essential to your hand luggage to leave room for souvenirs in your main luggage!

Tip #7: Pack your toiletries to plastic bags

Tiny plastic bags are a great travel companion. You can pack all your toiletries inside them and ensure your whole luggage doesn’t smell of your perfume or is covered in your moisturiser in case it blows up. Furthermore, a few extra bags are great for carrying your dirty clothing without ruining the fresh smell of your other clothes.

Tip #8: Get one blanket size scarf

Airplanes can be rather cold, even if you’re travelling to a paradise. A good tip for long journeys is to have a blanket size scarf on. This won’t be anything too heavy to have on while travelling and it’ll provide you warmth and comfort in a cold hotel room or an air-conditioned flight or train ride.

Tip #9:Buy a good portable charger

You also don’t want to run out of battery when you’re travelling alone. Your smartphone is a great companion and adds plenty of security for your solo travels. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you don’t ever run out of juice – a portable USB charger will rescue from many tricky situations.

Tip #10:Keep something refreshing with you at all times

Whether you’re walking around the destination or just sitting in the airplane, have some refreshing things with you. This means moisturising wet wipes and a small travel sized bottle of face mist. You also want to have a water bottle with you, together with some cashews or almonds for energy! These guarantee you always feel energised and look your best.

With the above ten travel packing tips for solo female travellers, your journey will be a success!


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