Lessons from AirAsia (RedQ Tour + CreateCamp's Send-Off)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

This post is inspired from Rodel's "Things I learn from my short visit at the RedQuarters". I realized that AirAsia is more than just a travel company, or our bridge to the world, but it is also a brand that makes us realize important things in life ranging from work ethics, management, and even on reaching for our dreams! 

From my visit to their head quarters in Malaysia a few weeks ago, to yesterday's send-off event for their CreateCamp finalists, here are things that I learned from a brand that uniquely shines in their industry for many years now!

1) "Work Hard, Stay Humble."

When we visited the AirAsia RedQ in Kuala Lumpur, there's a big parade happening. The festivity is to celebrate the start of the 29th SouthEast Asian Games in KL, where even AirAsia's big boss Sir Tony Fernandes came in his athletic outfit! The mood was filled with anticipation, the one you get while waiting for the start of a basketball game with your favorite team in it! 

In one of the walls of the RedQ is this statement: Work Hard, Stay Humble. These words bounces all over their office, which AirAsia's CEO best exemplifies by being hands-on in everything happening to the company and all their events (including the SEA Games). This statement is also evident in their office structures where you will hardly find walls or divisions amongst the employees. AirAsia is all about doing your work well, and barely about ranking.

2) All work and no play...

You know what's next! When you go around AirAsia's main head quarters, you will discover that they are not just work desks and meeting rooms. They also have a well-eqquiped gym, a beautiful lounge area, and a movie room, just to name a few amenities which made me wish I work there! Haha! These just show how the company values the balance in life. It's not pure work or pure play, but a good mix of both to have a well-lived life. 

3) "Now Everyone Can Fly!"

... Literally and figuratively! Because of AirAsia, I was able to travel several times to Korea because of their affordable flights to Incheon! But other than providing us with low-cost flights, AirAsia is also active in providing a platform for aspiring travel photographers, videographers, and story tellers. Last year they held a Travel Photographer competition. This year, they have the CreateCamp, where 5 (out of 500) young, talented Filipinos will undergo rigid trainings and workshops while traveling for over a month!

This will be documented and shared in AirAsia's social media platforms so the public can vote for their favorite finalists. The grand winner will receive over 1 million pesos worth of prizes composed of AirAsia Philippines flights, Apple Macbook Pro, Nikon D5600, 3D2N at the Amorita Resort in Bohol, and will become an official member of AirAsia Storytellers community! What an amazing opportunity!

Mentors include Patrick Martin, Kyrke Jaleco, Neila Lomotan, Ayen Dela Torre, Rachel Halili, Javi Cang, Enzo Cruz, Benj Ramos, adn Paolo Cuarteron, all well-known in their respective field of travel photography and videography.

The five young finalists, they are all still students but I was amazed by their audition pieces! 👌

4) "Where Dreams Take Flight." 

Still in line with the CreateCamp mentorship and contest, AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador said yesterday during the send-off: 

"We are amazed with the quality of work from these young talents and this competition highlights just how much talent and skills are just out there waiting to be discovered, supported, and be given a platform to shine. We are proud to bring finalists from Northern Luzon, Manila, and Visayas to compete for the first-ever social media reality show." Visit to learn more about this program.

Found this line near the RedQ's entrance:

And lastly...
5) Your stories matter!

As a blogger for several AirAsia campaigns for the last few months, I saw how the company values my travel stories. Not only me, but from bloggers to vloggers, photographers and videographers, AirAsia supports all kinds of storytellers and our efforts to share our insights and different perspectives of the world to the world. I am grateful for all the support I got from the best low-cast airline in the world! ❤

To relate to my life, it's not only about working hard and proving myself, but knowing when to take a time off to ensure that I am healthy in mind and body. It is to know when to take a break and travel, but also to be fully aware when it's time to just stay-put, work, and delay gratification. It's about loving the company of my self through solo traveling, but also learning how to compromise and enjoy a very diverse group-- and actually gain a new friend from each of them.

And lastly, it's all about taking flight to achieve ones dreams no matter how tough. Because I see life wherein we are all generously given equal opportunities, chances, and a support system (like AirAsia's services and mentorship campaigns).... but it's still up to me how I will take them and use these for my own growth and advancement.

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