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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Yesterday, for our first ever Korean Christmas Party, I went in a very girly, very pink Barbie dress! Although I am more of a midi skirt and athleisure kind of girl, it's fun to dress up once in a while especially when people don't expect it! Yesterday's occasion felt like the perfect chance to wear the dress I got from Plains and Prints' recent collaboration with my childhood favorite doll!

The Barbie Loves Plains and Prints Collection carries several girly and Christmas Party appropriate dresses and skirts, but this ensemble is one of the 2-3 styles that they have that's available in XL! So yey for plus size kids for me!!!

It is girly, but still looks nice with comfy white sneaks, right? I got this pretty pair of leather white sneakers with big ribbons as shoe laces from Bata Philippines!

White Shoefie with Ashley!

During my childhood, my mom will always gift me and my Ate with Barbie whenever we get good grades in school, for pasalubong when they go abroad, or during special occasions like Christmas or birthdays! So much good memories with this brand. My most memorable is my Cut and Style Barbie because she has suuuuper long blonde hair that you can temporarily color with pink patterns, haha! One time I was in very experimental mode and just chopped my Barbie's hair. I was regretting the makeover right after, I cried!! Haha!

I wonder if Barbie is still a big hit now, but I am sure my generation loves this girl by Mattel. My sister and some younger girls are into Polly Pocket or the Littlest Pet Shop na (haha), but I think my love for fashion started with my Barbie dolls! Her classic look is then the best holiday collab for local brand Plains & Prints! During the launch, my age group went gaga when we saw all ten pieces from this capsule collection right in front of us! And in the size that we can actually wear!!!

From dolls:

To real life dolls! Anne Curtis was also there for the fashion show:

Bringing functional style and glamour together, the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection features pieces inspired by Barbie dolls from different eras—Teenage Fashion (1959), Parisienne (1959), All That Jazz (1968), Winter Concert (2002), Chinoiserie Red (2004), Mod Redux (2004), Ballet Wishes (2013), Blush Beauty (2015), Party Perfect (2016), and Soda Shop (2016) Barbie dolls.

Grabe I used to buy so much Barbie dresses and accessories for my favorite dolls! 

And now we have actual Barbie inspired dresses that we can wear!

Enjoying the Barbie doll house set-up during the launch:

Check out this limited Barbie Love Plains & Prints collaboration while they are still available in stores!

Thank you Ashley for taking my ootd pictures!!! For more info about this collection, please visit or follow them online @plainsandprints. 💕

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