My Favorite Christmas

Friday, December 15, 2017

If I have to pick just one Christmas that's the best for me, it's the time my whole family was in the States to celebrate white Christmas with our relatives there. Core memory level 100. That's about four years ago already, but I look back to bits and pieces of the good times we had sooo clearly as if I am recalling something that just happened a few weeks ago.

Disneyland with the family, years delayed (from our childhood) but still as magical as I expected it to be:

First snow with my sisters:

Christmas eve was spent in my Tito's house in Maryland where we were all wearing matching green Gonzales tees. My aunts and uncles battled in the kitchen, and cooked their best Pinoy dishes for Noche Buena. The moment we were all drunk and just ran outside to test our below zero endurance--in just our t-shirts! 

During our whole time in the States, we always end the day in my cousin's room just to watch a random Netflix movie or a funny Youtube clip or just chat about random things in life. Whenever I look back to these memories, my happy family just having fun in the company of each other, I get so sentimental. The song "White Christmas" makes me extra teary eyed as I remember lazy days in bed with my dearest cousins and that song playing in the background, haha.

The very Pinoy family in Maryland:

Always ending the day in Nico's bedroom, watching funny Youtube clips or cooking demos:

 Wearing our matchy Gonzales tees during Christmas eve:

Giving salute to the importance of family traditions, Uratex, who is celebrating 50 years this 2018 unveiled a Christmas-themed video to celebrate family memories made inside the bedroom, their common area of solitude, and the bed, a central and key witness to that celebration.

I watched it via Facebook and realize how physical presence is very important for me, I cannot imagine doing long distance! My family is so tight-knight, that even now I am in my 30s I cannot imagine going away too long from them. The video is about an OFW mom, and how her sons missed her most especially during Christmas day. They had fond memories together, especially when they were young boys playing with their mom before bedtime. I can super relate to it!

Uratex Philippines, the undisputed leader in the foam manufacturing industry, believes that family love and comfort are always at the forefront in the tradition of selfless care and service to the Filipinos. Each Uratex bed provides ultimate comfort to promote a healthful and relaxed sleep night after night. This helps invigorate the body so it will remain fit and fully charged to make each family member ready to face life’s daily challenges.

Although we won't have White Christmas this year, just the thought that it's still one spent with my family, in our house, and everyone's present is already enough. In the end, the best Christmas for me is still the ones when the Gonzales is complete. 

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