Autumn in Japan Day 6: Kimono in Asakusa + Meet-up with the JaPinoys

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Early morning at the train station:

This day marked the middle of our trip! Deegee and I were already feeling anxious on how the days just flew by so quickly. Walang uuwi! Hahaha. 

So for our 6th day, we had a scheduled activity in Asakusa where we're going to try on an authentic Japanese kimono as we tour sites from old Tokyo!


Like Roppongi, it was also my first time in Asakusa. Finally, new place and new vibes! Asakusa is most known for retaining old Tokyo. In here, you can visit the popular Senso-ji temple, the many street food stalls, and the newer Tokyo Skytree (observatory). Aside from these, I am also attracted to the Hanayashiki--an amusement park claiming to be Japan's oldest. Someday I hope I get try these not so touristy theme parks!

For a long time, Asakusa is Tokyo's entertainment district. They have a red light district and even kabuki theaters. When we stepped out of the train, I felt transported in certain areas of Osaka. The feel of the place is extremely different from Shibuya or Harajuku, and I liked it!

In love with this street with natural, warm filter:

We saw a rickshaw, a Japanese traditional mode of transportation where a lone man pulls the carriage. Grabe ang lakas nya!

What are these huge motorcycles!?? 😃

Since we were still early for our appointment, I had time to drink my morning coffee and then hangout and take pics by the park:

We walked and walked, looking for the kimono rental place. We booked the Tokyo Kimono Rental via Klook because they offer it for only Php 1454 only--actual price is Php 2379.
Easily spotted it:

Tokyo Kimono Rental

Klook's one-day Japanese Kimono rental is located in Asakusa, Tokyo. I must say, they offer the best deal in this type of service, with different prices for solo, groups of three, and even couple kimono sets. You can check out the different Kimono rental packages with their prices on their website.

The floor for ladies and for men are separate, so I said goodbye muna to Deegee. In the ladies floor, I was so overwhelmed by all the kimono choices in different prints and colors. For summer, they even have yukatas or the thinner version of kimonos.

First pick! But decided to get something darker for autumn:

It's so hard to choose from all the beautiful Japanese kimonos but I went for the navy blue with pink flowers, which reminds me of cherry blossoms:

Waiting for my turn at the hair styling section. I was already wearing the inner robe layer of the kimono. It has a lot of towels around the waist area so it feels warm:

The split-toe socks to easily slip into a Japanese thong slippers:

Making the most of my short hair:

All the hairstyling products and accessories:

After the hairstyling, we get to choose our bag and slippers, leave our stuff in the designated numbered eco bags, and then go out for our "photo shoot":

Senso-ji Temple

I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so! 🎶

With no time to waste, Deegee and I ran to the Senso-ji Temple to hit two birds with one stone: Sightseeing + Perfect photo op backgrounds in our kimonos!

Senso-ji is Tokyo's oldest temple, and one of the most significant. When we arrived in the compound, it was buzzing and filled with both locals and tourists.

Even cute little girls were in their full kimono:

It was easy to find Senso-ji, we just followed the crowd. I didn't even have to take out my phone to follow Google Maps, we were there in no time. Sharing our photo ops in Senso-ji while we were in our kimonos!

 We went back and returned our costumes at the kimono rental place in just a few hours, since we were also meeting our Japan-based Pinoy blog friends that afternoon. The rental cost though covers from morning till 4:30pm, but a few hours is already enough.

Meet-up with Gervin and Kiko

From Asakusa, Gervin sent instructions on how we can reach his place via bus. I seldom take Tokyo buses so we got a bit lost on our way.. Akkk! 

Thankfully, we were there before sunset, and the place looks filtered again. We walked and walked, looking for a place to have coffee.

I am so sorry I wasn't able to list down the names of our stops, so I will just post photos of the different and unique places where Kiko and Gervin took us--from Tokyo station down to Ginza. I won't even know these sites if it's just me, so thank you Gervin and Kiko for our "private tour"! ❤

Grand Central and European vibes:

Unique building + a bar with a cool pool area (look at those tiles!)

Looks like the airport, but I think it's a convention center:

Hopping from one station to the next:

Ginza from a bird's eye view: 

Train lines that remind me of usual scenes in animes:

All the lights and Christmas vibes:

Kiko had to leave early since he has to take the subway to home, which will take around 2 hours from where we were! Huhu, thank you so much for meeting up with us Kiko! 

 We finished our day in a Japanese resto in Ginza (Ootoya) as recommended by Gervin, where I had the yummiest rice and veggies combo na sobrang nabitin ako. 

Watch my Tokyo Instagram Stories Day 6: 

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