Autumn in Japan Day 5: Tokyo Hotspots + Doraemon Exhibit

Sunday, January 07, 2018

By Day 5, I felt that we've covered most of our Japan itinerary by being the hyper kids that we were since our first day in Tokyo. I was just waiting for the days when we've booked an activity or tickets for Disney Sea. For now, we decided to go back to some of our Tokyo favorites and linger more to see these places during daytime, on a weekend, without the rush (the real goal of this trip).


Nearest Station: Shibuya Station

Where to go?
1) Hachiko Statue 
2) Shibuya Crossing
3) Ichiran Ramen
4) Don Quixote and Tokyu Hands for shopping

Deegee brought with him a Pikachu onesie given by Richard Juan's online shop, so we decided to shoot it at the Pokemon vendo we saw around Shibuya the other night. Since we're there already, I also bought a can of hot coffee because coffee in the morning is life. Hehe!

It's my nth photo with the statue of Hachiko, but I'm still not tired of it.

Photo ops morning!

We explored Shibuya's backstreets and side streets, and for a Saturday morning, they are almost empty. We also bought those emoticon pink and green mochi on a stick in one of the convenience stores for breakfast, took more photos before hopping to the train.


Nearest Station: Meijijingu-mae Station

Where to go?
1) Takeshita Street 
2) Cat Street
3) Brand Collect and Ragtag for second-hand luxury bags
4) Big Daiso Store

Harajuku is extra packed that day, although as predicted, since it's a Saturday. By the arch of the famous Takeshita Street is a group of cute anime-looking boys promoting something (most probably a nearby store) who are ready to pose for the camera or for a selfie. 

Taking away the attention from the lads is this interesting, colorful old lady playing J-Pop in her booming hand-held radio. 

People were asking for a photo with her, hehe!

We just have to look for ourselves in the arch's real-time LED screen:

Then, we braved the street just to reach the other side:

Spotted an owl and cat cafe:

The popular stores on Instagram:

Deegee and I shared a strawberry-cream crepe: 

Style Nanda, another millennial favorite: 

Reached the other side of Takeshita alive, hehehe:

Also around Harajuku are other popular streets and malls, like Omotesando Hills, Meiji-Jingumae (my favorite), Cat Street, etc. Finally had the chance to just walk around the area with no time pressures! 


Nearest Station: Ginza Station

Where to go?
1) GU Store 
2) Biggest Uniqlo building
3) Coffee in the middle of Ginza @ Le Cafe Doutor
4) Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Next stop is my other favorite neighborhood in Tokyo, more known for high-end brands shopping although I had no plans of splurging on this trip. I love going here on weekends, in the afternoon, when they close the main street so shoppers can freely walk on the roads. If you've been reading my old Japan travel posts, you will know that it's already my third time in Ginza but I am still fond of taking photos of crossing and sitting on the street, haha! I also love the selections of GU Ginza.

Since streets are closed, cafes set-up dining areas where people chill and have their coffee:

Father and son taking pictures by the pedestrian lane, and that's Deegee with the brown backpack haha:

Gaya-gaya ng angle, hahaha!

Deegee left me to explore this GU, which I think has 5 floors??


Nearest Station: Roppongi Station

Where to go?
Exhibits in..
1) Mori Art Museum 
2) Fujifilm Square in Tokyo Midtown
3) Suntory Museum
4) Tokyo Snoopy Museum

Finally we had the time to go to Roppongi, one of the districts in Tokyo that I've never been to although it has always been on my itinerary! They are known also for shopping, nightlife, and for their museums and exhibits. I was there to check out Mori Art Museum and hopefully catch the Doraemon exhibit.

AHHH! My heart skipped when I saw that it is still on-going!!!! 

Without pressuring Deegee to go to the exhibit that I am interested in, I asked him if he prefers to go to the Mori Tower, an observatory located in the same building. We decided to go for our own interests, and divide and conquer!

Price of the ticket for either the exhibit or the observatory is 1800 Yen each, or less than Php 900. Ticket booths are located in one area. Before heading in the entrance for the exhibit, I left all the stuff I bought in GU at their coin lockers. Taking videos inside is prohibited so I just kept my phone and used my camera (photos are okay).

I love that the gallery is filled not just with kids, but mostly of people with same age or even older than me. This huge artwork with Doraemon, Nobita, and the other characters will be my future desktop wallpaper, haha! It's so cute!!!

Around the exhibit are paintings, modern art, and different interpretations of this well-loved Japanese manga by Fujiko F. Fujio:

Our robot cat's famous propeller hat or the take-copter:

Behind me is a HUGE Doraemon cupcake:

Doraemon in photos and sketches, most often seen as a best friend who has all the solutions to your sticky situations:

"I still sometimes wish Doraemon was with me..."

They also have I think two viewing rooms where they showed Doraemon films in Japanese, I am in love with them and the whole vibe of the mini cinema!

A jam-packed souvenir shop by the exit, sadly did not attempt to line up na for a souvenir so I can meet Deegee outside for dinner.

View before we headed for the elevator, oh Tokyo, I miss you!

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