No Hangry Moments While in Traffic with Grab-A-Fitbar

Friday, January 05, 2018

Sadly, traffic is now part of our daily commutes. Even on a Saturday, I was late for a BU meeting in Megamall because of the traffic congestion in EDSA. I wasn't expecting that on a weekend!

I've encountered so many other booboos while stuck in traffic. First is the need for a pee break, huhu. There will also be days when I get so hungry but have no baon or snack shops in sight. This hangry problem though is now being solved by Fitbar and Grab team. They have a project called the "Grab-A-Fitbar" where they aim to reach 100,000 Metro Manila passengers.

The idea was conceptualized by Ms. Diana Aaron-Ong, Fitbar's brand manager, while she was, well, stuck in traffic!!

"I am a loyal Grab user because I love the attitude of most Grab drivers. One time, I was stuck in heavy traffic for almost 2 hours. I was hungry already. Then I remembered I had Fitbar in my bag. I shared the Fitbar with the driver, and he was so thankful. So, it dawned on me, I wanted to share Fitbar to other drivers and passengers too, to relieve them from hunger during heavy traffic," she shared.

With Fitbar, you get to snack while on the road minus the guilt. 

"We are honored to be partners with Fitbar Philippines to help our fellow citizens not only reach their destinations way but also do so with HEALTHY snacks in hand," said Cindy Toh, Country Marketing Head of Grab.

We can't solve the traffic, but at least your tummy is one less thing to worry about with Grab-A-Fitbar!

To know more about Fitbar Philippines, please visit their Facebook page at or their Twitter account at

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