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Alternative Things To Do In Cebu Part 3

I cannot count anymore how many times I've visited the Queen City of the South that I didn't notice till now that I've already created a series of "Things To Do in Cebu" blog posts. Like in any other destinations, I still look forward to visiting the different sides of Cebu and seeing it as if it's my first time there. True enough, there is still so much to see and do! And although my schedule for this work trip is a bit tight, I made sure to still avail the few hours I have to enjoy my vacation.

If, like me, you've been to the sunny south several times already, then here's a list of new places that you can visit on your next trip. If you want it hassle free, you can also check out for Cebu packages and day trips that you can personalize according to your preference and budget. Someday, I might take their island hopping option coz I've been dreaming of seeing the beachside of this beautiful city!!

Why I was in Cebu Last Week + Meaningful Travels with AirAsia RedTalks Season 2!

I have nothing but good words for the online travel show "Red Talks" by AirAsia which they released last year. Each of the 6 episodes I tried to catch online were inspiring, tackling wide topics including AirAsia's founder Tony Fernandes' story, the wonders of Yogyakarta (on my bucketlist now), and my favorite, the last episode, which is a tribute to all travelers from different walks of life. Aside from the great stories, I also love the visual treats, the script, and how the host Ms. Daphne Oseña-Paez narrates with so much sincerity!
This year, AirAsia returns with another RedTalks with Daphne! And I couldn't get any more excited for a season two! 
Ultimate purpose of the quick Cebu trip is to attend the launch of AirAsia RedTalks Season 2, but of course I took initiative and visited other parts of Cebu with fellow blogger Rochelle! Will dedicate a separate post on where we went near the city!

On Getting My Own Car + Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle!

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I've been traveling for a few years now that most of my funds go to my trip expenses. But recently, I finally caught myself unreluctant in discussing to my dad about owning a car. I used to shove the topic before because I know I can't afford it! Although it seems to still be a far off goal, I knew that someday I have to get my very own vehicle and even learn how to drive. For me, it's a basic life skill, and I can see myself achieving this at least by next year! 🙏
Road trip with my blog friends to Pampanga a few weeks ago for the Hot Air Balloon Festival:

Here are the reasons why I am now open to getting my own car:
1) I think it is more economical, compared to my UBER and Grab expenses. Just a few days ago, I compared my taxi fares with my sisters who has their own cars for years now, and I think I spend even more compared to them!
2) Safety reasons! It's now more than ever scarier to commute, plus our public transportation system in the co…

Last Day In Tokyo + In Defense of Those Who Still Write

A few weeks ago, a dear friend posted an online status that says how much he missed the good old days of blogging when bloggers actually write and not just post heavily filtered Instagram photos. Although I agree with the lack of "writing bloggers" as I myself sometimes find my Macbook's Reading List meh on days when I just need to feed my brain through reading, is it just the bloggers to blame?

Love and Kimchi: Learn How To Make Kimchi While In Seoul!

I have to be honest, I was a mess yesterday. I don't even know where it came from. After years of being the strong, independent woman who travels alone, lives in a dorm, who enjoys eating in a resto "for one", the girl who goes to see a movie solo flight to laugh / cry her heart out .. That girl, is finally affected by Valentine's Day. (HOW! OTOKE! HAHA!)

Tokyo DisneySea: Agrabah, Christmas Vibes, Cutest Disney Snacks, and Two Rounds of our Favorite Thrill Rides!

I've only been to a Disney theme park 3x in this lifetime.

First one is in Hong Kong Disneyland with two of my long-time friends from high school. It was a little bit delayed as we went there when we were already working and can afford an out of country trip, but we enjoyed our Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream and indoor thrill rides as if we were kids again.

Second time was in America, in Disneyland California with my family during our 2013 holiday trip. Again, we were too old in age but still young at heart.

The third was still in Hong Kong, but this time I went alone early morning on the last day of our trip just so I can try Disneyland Hotel's buffet breakfast with Mickey Mouse and friends, and of course to see the giant maze I only see on Instagram!

Fourth time, and already in my 30s, I still look forward to my Tokyo Disney Sea Day with Deegee! We agreed on setting it on our second to the last day, and came in our twinning swag Mickey hoodies that we bought the night before…

Jisoo In Manila: The Fan Meet! + Second Lead Syndrome

I was running 30 minutes late, still stuck in EDSA before CUBAO when the show already started. 
And I haven't even had my e-ticket exchanged in SM Tickets yet HUHU sobrang hassle! My voice cracked when I finally reached the ticket booth at the second floor of the department store in SM North EDSA--which is still around 15 minutes away from the venue. 
"Late na po ako Ate, on-going na po ito." 
They hurriedly printed my actual ticket, then I dashed--jumped in between legs and feet sticking in the "walk" side of SM's escalator as if I was part of a relay. When I reached the vicinity of the Skydome, I saw "Team Labas" members who then pleaded to me as I went in, "Ate buksan mo ng malaki yung door"--And so I did, with all the energy I had left! 
There was an ocean of screams from outside, as the usher strapped a pink paper on my left wrist, and escorted me to my seat. In fairness walang nag occupy! 40 minutes late, but finally! Hello Jisoo!

Things To Do In Siargao

While editing my photos for this Siargao post, I only have one thing in mind: PLEASE TAKE ME BACK.

Jisoo In Manila: The Press Conference

Yesterday is a happy day for me! Tired from the Hot Air Balloon festivities, I still found myself running out of the house just to attend Korean actor Kim Jisoo's Manila presscon for his fanmeet My One and Only Jisoo. No regrets, I finally met one of my main oppas! And if there's one second lead who really struck me the most, it's Jisoo's Strong Woman Do Bong Soon role as the childhood friend Guk Doo!!! 

My First Hot Air Balloon Ride | The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2018!

I love talking about your travels, it's just my thing! During yesterday's long road trip from Manila to Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga for the 22nd Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta's opening day, we realized that time flew because we talked and talked. My friends said I was so hyper, haha! I was just interested with all your travel stories!!

Not Kbeauty?! New Local and Western Products in my Beauty Arsenal

Just my luck! Before the first month of the year even ended, new beauty products arrived in my house for me try and surprise surprise not a single one of them is Korean!

Ever since my eyes were opened to the world of Kbeauty, most of my day and night skincare regimen are from Korean brands. They are easy to use and almost all of them work so well on my skin it's so hard to replace them. I only have a few products that stayed that are not Kbeauty, like Japan's Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence, and Beachborn's Healing Toner. Now I have these new products to experiment on from The Body Shop, Infracyte, and Human Heart Nature.

If it's effective, then I am very much open to using them! I am now on my first week of using these brands since I got home from the beach and my skin needs the extra care. So far so good!

For The Ladies: How To Enjoy Your Travels Even When It's That Time of the Month

I think getting my period during my travels occurred one too many times already that I see it as something unavoidable and even normal. I have a friend who will plot her menstrual cycle and make sure not to fly during her time of the month, but no matter how I try to keep track with apps and calendars, in the end I find myself just saying YES to every travel opportunity that comes my way! Especially if the airfare is cheap or it's for a blog assignment, how can I say no to adventures!?

What's Inside Stylenanda's Pink Hotel & Pink Pool Cafe? | Myeongdong, South Korea

You might have seen this already on social media. Millennials can't help but adore this all-pink building, and every corner of this 5-story shop screams "take a photo of me for your Instagram!" Haha!

I'll say it, Stylenanda is a genius when it comes to rebranding, and some brands might pick a lesson or two from their transitions. I remember when they were still all-black and only have clothes back in early 2000. Look how they transformed themselves into a one-stop fashion and beauty store that every young local and tourist alike would love to go to. It's now a part of most women's Seoul itinerary! Isn't that a marketer's dream!?

It's not enough that they have cool products ranging from makeup (3CE) to clothes, but they're also giving their guests the ultimate "experience" with their store's cute installations, easy to swatch product testers, and even a must-visit cafe on the 5th floor! Whether you're there for the makeup or …