Love and Kimchi: Learn How To Make Kimchi While In Seoul!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

I have to be honest, I was a mess yesterday. I don't even know where it came from. After years of being the strong, independent woman who travels alone, lives in a dorm, who enjoys eating in a resto "for one", the girl who goes to see a movie solo flight to laugh / cry her heart out .. That girl, is finally affected by Valentine's Day. (HOW! OTOKE! HAHA!)

I think it started on the eve of Vday (if that's even a thing). I felt alone again, discontented again, something I haven't felt for a long long time. I was suddenly looking for company, someone who will surprise me or show me love. The day of Valentine's, I decided to finally catch The Greatest Showman because I missed going to cinemas and finally found time just before our Ash Wednesday mass. My parents were busy in the church, and true to my independent spirit I approached the ticket counter on my own, and then the lady manning the booth decided to click on TWO seats which I didn't even asked for! Hahaha! Wag ka na dumagdag ate! 😂😩

I think it's just that, and the malls all dripping in red and chocolates, and social media on steroids making a big deal out of everything. But in reality, it's still a friend who reminded me that I am just being OA. HAHA! She reminded me if I am sure of what I am telling /ranting to her, or kung meron naman pala akong kasama masaya ba talaga ako HAHAHA. I was reminded of why I am contented, free spirited, and genuinely happy the past months or so: Because of real relationships and because I am blessed already with good health.

Anyway, this friend who gave me the tough love that I deserve is Marj whom I also spent my last few days in Korea with. It was also her last few days in Seoul as a resident in a hospital for over a year. We decided to make the most of our own "last days" with a winter ski trip and by joining a Kimchi Making Class in Myeongdong.

I think the sobrang funny part of the class is that almost half of the time was spent in their hanbok closet, to try on different traditional Korean costumes for free, take loads of photos--all cute poses orchestrated by the Kimchi Class assistant. To be fair, Marj said that even after a year in Korea this is her first time to try on a hanbok and have a photo shoot. It's a good tuhog activity when you're in Seoul. 

Unlike Marj, I cannot count the number of times I've worn a hanbok while in Seoul LOL adik. In the Seoul Kimchi Academy, they were not too strict in trying out different pieces and accessories. I even tried on the men's head gear just because Love In The Moonlight feels, mwahaha. They even have a selfie stick, and a lot of photo corners in the classroom. They won't stop you, hahaha.

When the kimchi class is about to start, they called us in the kitchen area to position ourselves in front of the cooking stations. There were only four of us enrolled that day, so yey at least tutok. The classroom is clean, the materials and ingredients are complete, and they guided us throughout the process. When I said I'm a vegetarian, they did not insist that I should put the shrimps and other ingredients that I don't want so yey!

I love that we were also able to take home our kimchi after the class--neatly sealed in a provided airtight bag that went directly to my luggage. I think this is where the actual fermentation starts, the process of waiting and simmering, making the kimchi even tastier and more delicious with me doing nothing with it. My parents tried it when I got back in Manila, and biases aside, it's the freshest and most delish kimchi I had in my life MWAHAHAH! Best pasalubong!!

I think my only suggestion is that they should give out a list with the ingredients on it to their students. Instructor is not an English speaker so we simply followed her actions instead. I took pictures of the stuff needed, but of course iba padin when you know the specific details like kinds and measurements. Also, if you're expecting technical cooking skills, then you might get bored here. In the 40 minutes session, siguro half nun was spent in the hanbok area--and only about 15-20 minutes was spent in the kitchen coz it was that easy and fast to do! 

Anyway, personally I still enjoyed the class coz hindi sya yung usual activity sa Korea plus I learned kimchi making in Seoul no less!

Again, you can enrol in this Seoul Kimchi Academy class HERE (they also offer tteokbokki classes). The school is located right smack in Myeongdong, so you can go shopping for Kbeauty after!

I don't know how else to conclude this blogpost, so maybe I'll just say this: Find yourself a friend who will do cutesy Korean krung krung poses with you and will not laugh, and will be there to remind you of your true worth because there will be days when you forget you're all good. Haha! And maybe love, like the perfectly fermented cabbage that turns into kimchi, will someday be served side by side with the most complimenting dish and I don't even have to do anything. It just takes time for me, so it might as well taste really really good by then.

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If you reached the end of this post, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU! I am happy to receive love in the form of constant readers of my blog. Thank you for taking interest in my life and what I do. I am a "strong independent woman", but your support brings me real joy and encourages me to work harder and do what I do. THANK YOU! SARANGHAE! May your hearts be filled with love and happiness too! ❤ We don't deserve the self-imposed sadness, my friend. 😌

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  1. I also have those moments Ana and it is nice to have a friend who would really listen :)


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