Tokyo DisneySea: Agrabah, Christmas Vibes, Cutest Disney Snacks, and Two Rounds of our Favorite Thrill Rides!

Monday, February 12, 2018

I've only been to a Disney theme park 3x in this lifetime.

First one is in Hong Kong Disneyland with two of my long-time friends from high school. It was a little bit delayed as we went there when we were already working and can afford an out of country trip, but we enjoyed our Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream and indoor thrill rides as if we were kids again.

Second time was in America, in Disneyland California with my family during our 2013 holiday trip. Again, we were too old in age but still young at heart.

The third was still in Hong Kong, but this time I went alone early morning on the last day of our trip just so I can try Disneyland Hotel's buffet breakfast with Mickey Mouse and friends, and of course to see the giant maze I only see on Instagram!

Fourth time, and already in my 30s, I still look forward to my Tokyo Disney Sea Day with Deegee! We agreed on setting it on our second to the last day, and came in our twinning swag Mickey hoodies that we bought the night before in Harajuku. I thought it was just going to be a chill theme park day, but I did not realized I was in for a looooong day with a millennial boy who just loves thrill rides as much as I do back when I was his age HAHA!

We had our Klook discounted DisneySea e-tickets exchanged at the park's entrance, and as we entered my 3rd Disney resort, I was confused. Everything looks different from how I've seen Disneyland! There's no princess castle in the middle of the park, not much Mickey shapes here and there, instead I saw a volcano, a ship, a sultan's castle, and French-themed hotels. In a way, I was even more excited to explore and check out what they have for us because everything's new to me!

We entered the middle of the park just in time for the parade. We were taking pictures in the Arabian Coast when Mickey and friends passed by in front of us! We followed them shortly to watch the show.

From reading up online articles, I learned that Tokyo DisneySea really targets the more grown up crowd. Maybe that's why I really enjoyed the rides in this theme park. Unlike my recent ones, I was lucky to experience DisneySea fully because of Deegee! 

He was so enthusiastic that we availed ALL the best rides regardless of how long we waited in line, he also insisted that we REPEAT several of these rides, tried Disney-themed snacks that are so cute for our photos, and left the park during CLOSING bahala na masarhan ng train. Hahaha! I was so tired by then (ulit ulitin ba naman yung extreme rides hahaha) but now that I am back home and just writing these memories, grabe sobrang saya and sobrang worth it!

Sa sobrang saya ko sa ride, I was clapping! Hahaha:

Here are the different themed ports of Tokyo DisneySea: Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront. If I have to choose my favorites, it's most prob the Agrabah themed port and The Tower Of Terror for the ride, hahaha! I super LOVE it!

Met a few Disney characters while we walked around: 




And a Japanese Alladin! Hehe!

The cutest Disney-themed food flatlay ever, hehehe:

I am not even sure if we were still in Tokyo or Agrabah: 

The beautiful DisneySea at night:

Awaiting for the last parade with the crowd. No way to describe the show, I finally saw a Disney theme park's night parade and fireworks without disruptions because of weather! Add the Christmas vibes (foam snow, Christmas tree, White Christmas as background music) of this November trip, it was all like a dream.

Again, usually it's time to go home after the parade, but to Deegee, it's just the start of our SECOND ROUND with all the rides as people finally vacate the place. HAHA! We took our favorites, and despite freezing to death in line and feeling the hunger pangs, we managed to take two more rides before the park was completely closed. What can I say? Mickey Mouse will be so so proud!

Watch my Tokyo DisneySea / Autumn in Tokyo Day 9 IG Stories:
Special thanks to Klook Philippines for our passes!

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