Not Kbeauty?! New Local and Western Products in my Beauty Arsenal

Monday, February 05, 2018

Just my luck! Before the first month of the year even ended, new beauty products arrived in my house for me try and surprise surprise not a single one of them is Korean!

Ever since my eyes were opened to the world of Kbeauty, most of my day and night skincare regimen are from Korean brands. They are easy to use and almost all of them work so well on my skin it's so hard to replace them. I only have a few products that stayed that are not Kbeauty, like Japan's Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence, and Beachborn's Healing Toner. Now I have these new products to experiment on from The Body Shop, Infracyte, and Human Heart Nature.

If it's effective, then I am very much open to using them! I am now on my first week of using these brands since I got home from the beach and my skin needs the extra care. So far so good!

The Body Shop

WHAT: Drops of Youth - Youth Liquid Peel Exfoliant, Youth Fresh Emulsion, Youth Bouncy Eye Mask


WHAT I TRIED: So far, I religiously use the Youth Fresh Emulsion Anti-Pollution with SPF 20 every morning before I put on my makeup, and although a day product I also use it every night before bed. The immediate effect on my skin is it tames the dry patches I gained from sun exposure especially from my recent beach trip, and moisturizes my face without making it oily. I also love that it is lightweight has light scent, that's why it has easily become my go-to facial moisturizer.


WHAT: Infracyte Cyto Clean (Php 1800) and High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10% (Php 4000).

WHERE: USA, locally distributed by EiSkin Laboratories


I immediately tried both products the moment I got them because they are easy to add to my daily regimen. I use the Cyto Clean facial wash day and night, and so far there are no breakouts for my usually sensitive skin. Cyto Clean is made of herbal extracts and the popular skincare ingredient ALOE VERA, so it is mild yet effective in cleansing and hydrating.

Meanwhile, I alternately use the High Potency L Vita C Antioxidant Serum 10% every 2 nights. It contains very potent Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C for the skin, and it doesn't have any fragrance in it. This product is suitable for all skin types, and helps restore the collagen and lustre of my face.

Human Heart Nature

WHAT: Human Heart Nature Pure Rosehip Oil (Php 750)

WHERE: Philippines

WHAT I TRIED: We're still in the anti-aging category, Human Heart Nature now has pure, premium grade Rosehip Oil that only uses top quality rosehip fruit. Each potent drop of this product is easily absorbed by the skin, and is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. It also does not have strong scent, and felt comforting when applied. It's not sticky too! Just be careful when opening as I made a mistake of tilting the bottle, not know that it comes in hard dropper packaging. Usual uses: Skin generation, for stretch marks, blemishes, scars.

Have you tried any new beauty products lately? Share to me your favorites!!! šŸ’›

Special thanks to The Body Shop PhilippinesEiSkin Laboratories, and Human Heart Nature for sending over these products!

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