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Sunday, February 11, 2018

While editing my photos for this Siargao post, I only have one thing in mind: PLEASE TAKE ME BACK.

I've been to some of our country's best beaches including Palawan (Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa) and Boracay, but Siargao. Ahhh Siargao! It's the place that made me forget I am a Spring-Autumn kind of girl! 

Some people may think that because of my current travel posts I only love Korea or Japan, but before all these trips, I only had Pilipinas and a personal project I called "Wow Philippines" (then slogan of Philippine tourism). A fresh graduate with minimal income, I vowed to explore more of my home by going to spontaneous budget trips with other barkadas I am not even close with, in short nakikisabit ako--haha! I also went to Davao to join a friend for her work trip. I've also been to Cagayan De Oro, Bukidnon, and Cebu-Bohol and they are all beautiful and made me so proud as a Filipino.

During our landing in Sayak Airport in Surigao del Norte, I only heard oohs and ahhs and clicks of camera shutters from our plane which is 3/4s filled with foreigners. I was beaming with pride looking at the amazed faces of Europeans and Koreans looking over the plane window nearest them. 

Welcome to my beautiful home!


Good news to those who want to go to this island! Cebu Pacific now offers direct flights between Manila to Siargao, increasing the frequency of flights to DAILY starting March 25, 2018. The lowest year-round fares start at Php 2,371!

Aside from Manila, Cebu Pacific also flies direct to Siargao from Cebu twice daily, with the lowest year-round fare of Php 2,105. Travelers from Manila can also visit the island by taking a connecting flight via Cebu to Siargao.

Since we're flying directly to the island, our travel time is a bit longer and plane was smaller so it's safer for Surigao's runway.

My seatmate Des from

Entertained myself during the 2.5 hours plane ride with cute onboard food and my Kdrama playlist:

The Siargao fam!


This is where we stayed in Siargao. Name of the place is Kesa Cloud 9 Resort, and it is located beachfront near the surf sites. There are other options in the area, but I learned from our trip's organizers that it was so hard to book for an accommodation in Siargao. Almost all resorts are fully booked to think we went there on a weekday! Make sure to keep this in mind if you're preparing your own trip, and make sure to book in advance!


Half of the time we were in Siargao was spent EATING. It's a food trip place--I just love the foods and restos here. It reminds me of my favorite La Union, where most restaurants are independent and not yet in Manila so it's my first time to try them.

Usual food served here are Italian, from pizza to pasta to potatoes. I was amazed that they have so much vegetarian options too, you won't run out of food to order because most of these food places are owned by Europeans! Anyway, here are some of the restos we were able to try during our short trip in Siargao. Honestly, you may miss some of them but PLEASE .... you have to try the pizza in Kermit!


Vegetarian's home! They have smoothie bowls, smoothies, tea, coffee, and vegan pastries.


Drinks, desserts, and a good meal. I had their vegetarian burger and the serving size is HUGE!


Lovely ambiance, lots of vegetarian options, and cutest resident doggies of Siargao!


One of the best pizza I've ever had in my life! Lots of good vibes too, so take your time and enjoy your meal here.


Where To Go In Siargao

Before the trip, I asked my Ate to describe her Siargao experience so I can plan my outfits well. Is it Boracay beach lounging type or Palawan island hopping? She said it's a little of both.

When you go to Siargao, there are several chill beaches that you have to visit not only because of the clear waters, but the clean beachside areas as well. Naked Island is my personal favorite! Make sure to bring snacks since boat rides take hours. Sleep and relax if you have to. I also have a dry bag with me to keep my gadgets safe.

Sugba Lagoon

Water activities galore! Jump from the board, paddle surf, kayak, or just lounge by the rest house with your snacks and a bottle of beer.

 Magpupungko Tide Pools

Where the water is as clear as can be, and where you can walk in the middle of the beach!

Be careful of rocks! Wear aqua shoes, it's a must for me in all Siargao activities!

Sohoton Cove Tour

Glowing cave that you have to dive through to see! We also went to a cave where we can only exit through cliff diving! I love this, and in love more of Siargao after experiencing this adventure and beauty. No photos from my camera, so thank God for friends with GoPros! [special thanks to Kuya Az, Gab, and Kaiz for the group photos!]

Jellyfish Sanctuary

I am super scared of jellyfish, but the ones in the Jellyfish Sanctuary of Siargao does not sting! We went there in tiny boats that can only accommodate you and your paddler. It was fun getting to know your friendly local paddler and his Siargao story, and at the same time enter a clean jellyfish sanctuary to touch them and take pictures from your boat. Sobrang amazed ako! To me, there's nothing like this! 

Naked, Daku, Guyam

Time to swim, lounge, take more beach photos! 

I am not a beach person, but I had a grand time in Siargao. Since this is a media trip, I am not sure about expenses and budget, but I have to say that whether you are planning to spend little or a bit more just to go to this island, it is worth the visit at least once in your life. Not at all overrated and for sure you're going home with a little more pride that you came from a country with some of the BEST beaches in the world.

Special thanks to Cebu Pacific Air, Stratworks Inc, and to all the new friends I gained through this trip! I have nothing but good words whenever I talk about this travel experience with my family and friends, thank you! ❤

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