Jisoo In Manila: The Fan Meet! + Second Lead Syndrome

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I was running 30 minutes late, still stuck in EDSA before CUBAO when the show already started. 

And I haven't even had my e-ticket exchanged in SM Tickets yet HUHU sobrang hassle! My voice cracked when I finally reached the ticket booth at the second floor of the department store in SM North EDSA--which is still around 15 minutes away from the venue. 

"Late na po ako Ate, on-going na po ito." 

They hurriedly printed my actual ticket, then I dashed--jumped in between legs and feet sticking in the "walk" side of SM's escalator as if I was part of a relay. When I reached the vicinity of the Skydome, I saw "Team Labas" members who then pleaded to me as I went in, "Ate buksan mo ng malaki yung door"--And so I did, with all the energy I had left! 

There was an ocean of screams from outside, as the usher strapped a pink paper on my left wrist, and escorted me to my seat. In fairness walang nag occupy! 40 minutes late, but finally! Hello Jisoo! It was nice to see you again!

This is my 3rd fan meet (after Park Shin Hye and Nam Joo Hyuk), and so I have almost memorized the formula of a Korean actor's fan conference or gatherings. There will be an intro song or two, an interview portion with the host, a little getting to know you, Kdrama reenactments, more songs from the actor, games, food related activity (cooking or tasting), and then a surprise video from Filipino fans before the show ends with the hi-touch and photo ops. If you are not a big fan of the actor, most prob you will find this a drag. But I was there, still feeling happy, feeling teary, touched, and even kilig. Then I must be a big fan of Jisoo after all!

I think my most favorite parts of the Jisoo in Manila fan meet are the following:

1) His song numbers, all of them are ENGLISH songs. He sang Creep, City of Stars, and I Believe I Can Fly. He admittedly said during his presscon that he is not a singer, and that he really prepared for this show.

2) I noticed Jisoo is a bit shy and awkward, but Pinoy fans managed to make him smile and even LAUGH several times during the fan meet! His eyes getting even smaller, you know it's sincere whenever he bursts into laughter!

3) When he spontaneously answered a fan participating onstage without the help of the interpreter.

Fan: I'm nervous!
Jisoo: Don't be nervous!

Awwww ang sweet! He is also very generous with his hugs!

4) When they showed his different Kdramas / movies through the years. Although it's already a fact that he is the pambansang second lead, when I saw the compilation of all his roles narealize ko nalang na grabe how much he works hard and still won't land as the lead! I admire him so much for his hardwork and for not giving up! Kaya when he sang I believe I can fly, sobrang damang dama ko!

5) During the "surprise" video from his fans, Jisoo didn't cry but you will still feel his gratefulness. He is not mashowbiz at all, you will feel his truthfulness and honesty. "I want to work hard after this, so I can at least give back to the love I felt from everyone in this fan meet." 

By the way, sobrang gwapo nya when he went out again for the hi-touch and photo op sessions! I think pinaka gwapo si Jisoo when he's in a leather jacket or just a shirt! Akkk! Sigawan mga katabi ko hahaha!

Ending this post describing my hi-touch moment just so I won't forget it ever! Unlike my Nam Joo Hyuk hi-touch experience na super prepared at alam ko na sasabihin ko noon ("Saranghae oppa!" lol), for this, nablanko talaga utak ko! 

I just waved both my hands as I approached Jisoo, in my head I was trying to figure out "I love you" in Korean (haha!) but I ended up blurting "Kamsahamnida!" (Thank you!) as I shook Jisoo's soft hands, huhuhu. End of my few seconds hi-touch. 

Two things I noticed though: Jisoo smiled widely when he saw me approaching and waving both my hands, para akong papalapit sa old friend! Huhuhu! He also reaches BOTH his hands for the hi-touch. You won't feel any artista complex at all.

****Updating this spot for our group photo when organizers post it already!****


Ending this post with a Tweet I posted right after the fan meet:

If there’s one thing I picked up from fan meet it’s to work hard even when you always only land as the second lead. You will have your chance, just have faith, & be grateful to people who support you. ♥️ Your time will eventually come.. Love you Jisoo!!!!

I think we all relate to Jisoo's Second Lead Syndrome in one way or another, whether in our work life, school life, or even in our relationships. We feel that we work so hard but it's not always good enough, or things still won't go our way no matter what we do. But still, continue working hard. Continue believing, and do not be disheartened! As a fan, I am excited to see Jisoo grow even more as an actor, and maybe eventually shine as the main star of his Kdrama.

And when that time comes, I will proudly say: "He is where he is now because he never gave up." Thank you for the inspiration, oppa!

Watch my video compilation of Jisoo's fan conference in Manila:

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