SUMMER IN SEOUL: Things To Do When It's Too Hot In Korea!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Just a disclaimer, this trip was actually during spring, thus the jackets and layering. But I realized that since hotter days are coming to Korea soon, it will be nice to feature spots ideal for those who are going to Seoul during summer.

Although it's my 8th or 9th time in Korea, I still look forward to this part of my trip whenever I get to go to Seoul. May kilig padin talaga! It never gets old for me, and there will always be something new or different that I would want to try. And with that, I always make sure that I have at least 1-2 full days dedicated to Seoul in my Korea itinerary.

For this trip, I went to a mix of Kdrama locations, cafes, and a museum. If it's also your nth time in Seoul, and have already been to most touristy locations, here's a short list of the stuff I did just last spring. They are locations that you can go to when it's too hot or too cold outside. If you want more tips and information on my past Korea trips, you can check all my Korea travel blog posts here.

Shop and Take Pictures in CHUU Myeongdong

I've seen this store so many times in my favorite Korean vloggers Qjin and Qwon. CHUU is a bit similar to Stylenanda for its cool aesthetics. It's so hard to resist a store that is very hip and Instagram worthy! I went to the Myeongdong branch on my first day in Seoul. You'll easily find the full pink building with the sign that says "chuu supermarket".

Heading in, it really does feel like you're inside a hip grocery store! But instead of food, they sell clothes, makeup, accessories and other trinkets. They are also known for their -5KG jeans, said to miraculously make you look like you've lost some weight just by wearing them!!

The stairs to lead to their photo zone! No one's there when I went, but unfortunately I also had no one to take my pictures! 😂

I love that majority of these Korean fashion stores encourage their clients to take photos inside the store, coz usually it's not allowed. They have these Instagram worthy stations and backdrops that work as instant marketing strategy. The more people pose and post their cute store--the more it will drive buyers in! I actually learned about Chuu and Stylenanda because of social media.

Insert me here:

I love that they never run out of cool interior ideas!

Wow, they even have -5KG Skinny Cream!

Art Appreciation: A Van Gogh-Themed Interactive Museum in Dongdaemun

Another indoor activity discovery via Klook! I've worked with Klook several times last year, but honestly, it's also my go-to app to discover other places and activities during my travels with or without sponsorship! L'Atelier Museum is under Activities in Seoul, and ticket price is only Php 735 (vs Php 1050 when you just walk-in).

This is definitely a highlight of my 2019 spring in Seoul. I am a big fan of Van Gogh and his art, and didn't know such museum exists in Korea! They have an area where you can color some of Van Gogh's paintings, catch a musical show and a hologram show, or just dine in the cafe that looks like you're inside a Van Gogh painting!

The 2 shows I was able to watch were both informative and enjoyable. I learned a whole lot more about my favorite artist, and although it's in Korean, they have an app that you can open and listen to for the translations (make sure to bring earphones!).

Photo zones everywhere! There are moving paintings, snow machine, and corners reminiscent of 19th century France. It was fun to take photos in every corner of this museum, and it's not yet over-hyped so there weren't too many people with me during my tour. I think I only encountered about 5 to guests during my stay here.

Van Gogh's painting of his bedroom:

To an actual model of his bedroom!

It's as if I spent 2 hours hopping from one of Vincent's painting to the next!
Of course, the souvenir shop at the end of the museum sells different Van Gogh merch that you can think of! From neckties, mugs, bags, postcards, etc.
L'Atelier is located inside Hyundai City Outlet Dongdaemun.
They are open all year round, from 10:00am to 10:00pm (Last call 7:00pm)
Just take the subway to Dongdaemun Station, then Exit 8. Search L'Atelier via Google Maps.
Visit for more information, and book via Klook app for discounted tickets.

 2D Cafe in Yeonnam-dong

Another Instagram hype is this 2D Cafe in Seoul. I had difficulty in locating this because they recently changed their address. It is now called Cafe 223-14. Make sure to screenshot this if ever you plan to visit this unique cafe in Seoul!

I love the concept of the place. Everyone who enters the cafe get wide eyed, and you'll really hear the ooohs and ahhhs. I was trigger happy with my camera! Even their cups and plates look like drawings. If you've seen the KDrama W Two World, it's as if you're inside a comic book! 

I asked help from one of the customers to have my picture taken in one of the corners of the cafe. ❤

Cafe 223-14 or CAFE Yeonnam-dong can be reached via Hongik University Station Exit 3. Then search and follow Cafe 223-14 on your Google Maps.

Harry Potter Themed Cafe in Seoul

Last stop for this post! Another cute cafe in Seoul is this Hogwarts themed coffee shop called King's Cross. It is not a Harry Potter registered or affiliated, but you will definitely find elements and references from the book inside and outside the cafe. There's no denying where they got their inspiration from!

They have a lot of photo zones the moment you reach the cafe's entrance. These areas are for free, but you have to purchase a drink so you can go up and check out the other areas of the cafe (that's 5 floors of witchcraft and wizardry!). I made sure to chill here to make my long walk more worthwhile.

The dining areas similar to the Hogwart Great Hall. Honestly, you'll really go and dine here for the experience more than the food.

Had a pretzel and juice. Was supposed to just order food coz it's my nth cafe for the day, but learned that they require 1 drink per customer. 😅

There's a dining area where you can try on the wizard robe, scarf, hat, and wand! Thank you to another tourist who kindly helped me take my pictures! :) Super bait nya, "I gotchu!" sha ng "I gotchu!" hehehe. 😀


King’s Cross is located in 417 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Nearest station is Hapjeong (Line 2 or 6). Then just search King's Cross Harry Potter Cafe via Google Maps.

Anyone heading to Seoul this summer? Hope I gave you something to add to your itinerary! Stay hydrated, Seoul during summer gets really hot! (sharing my blog post from last year, August!)

Let me know your favorite/s from this list! ❤

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