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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Been out and about lately and discovered new brands and products from fashion and food categories. Sharing them to you below!

Long before Instagram, we used to write long blog posts with our OOTD photos on it. Just one outfit, with varying angles, poses, and sometimes including close up shots of the "details"--haha! The golden age of fashion blogging.

Trying to take it old school for this post by starting with my most recent OOTD for an event and meeting day.

Top from Adidas, Pants from Uniqlo, Sneakers from Fila, Bag from Kipling

Lavender is my current favorite color for summer 2019! My personality does not really fit pastels, but I have days when I am attracted to pinks and lavenders especially during spring! The season has long gone, but I am still magnetized by these soft colors. I think wearing a lavender top with the Adidas logo balances this supposed girly look!

To match my navy Astro cap (since the theme for the event is Kpop), I also carried a dark denim Kipling Art Mini bag which I got during their SM Aura store launch.


Kipling Opens In SM Aura, New Global Vision "Live Light"

I attended the launch of the newest Kipling store in the Philippines last June 6 at the SM Aura Premier. It now has a very artsy and more inviting look, showcasing Kipling's new logo, and displaying their latest and classic collections. The Kipling Art Mini bag is one of their latest designs, which I've been using almost everyday since!

You will also find an area where you can customize the accessory of your Kipling bag in the store--true to the brand's global vision of individuality and self-expression. This just added to the reasons why I love the brand, other than carrying products that are well-known for their durability, lightweight material, and travel-friendly features!

Btw, Kipling’s SM Aura store will be just the first of many branches that will get a makeover! 

Shop For A Cause at LoveHopeFaith 

Another new acquisitions are watches from the local advocacy brand LoveHopeFaith.

My first encounter with this brand was in bazaars where they sell watches with different strap colors. I think it was the Christmas season, and bazaaristas bought LoveHopeFaith watches for gifting.

Fast-forward to 2019, LoveHopeFaith still thrives as a business with a heart. They donate 50% of their net proceeds to cancer patients. This more than ever has a special place in my heart, as I've seen families and friends fight the Big C.

Help me support LoveHopeFaith's advocacy to fund cancer patients by shopping at, or share their website and Instagram page @lovehopefaithgroup on your social media pages. Thank you! ❤


Serenitea's Cake Inspired Beverages

Meanwhile, in the food category, have you tried any of the drinks from the new Serenitea Cookie Brulee line? These are "cake inspired" beverages, which are said to be trendy right now!

Cookie Supreme Matcha, Cookie Brulee Milk Tea, and Cookie Supreme Milk Tea

The Cookie Supreme Milk Tea is my favorite! Very thick, creamy, and luscious. Make sure to request for 0% sugar coz it's already sweet, but definitely a must-try!

Inkigayo Sandwich is Now In Manila!

The Kpop idols’ favorite sandwich? Finally tried Korea’s famous Inkigayo Sandwich coz they are finally here in Manila!

I heard so much about this sandwich (mix of egg sandwich, potato salad, and strawberry jam!) as the favorite of Blackpink, BTS, Monsta X, and even Astro (yasss). They are currently in Eastwood, but the food truck (which also reminds me of mga pa-foodtruck for Korean actors when they have a new show hehehe) will also be roving around the Metro!

For the schedule and next stops, follow them on instagram at

My verdict? It is very unique, I actually like the combination of the jam and the egg sandwich! I like the creamy part, but I prefer if the jam is thicker too! Not sure if that will work as well, hehe! I must get another sandwich when they go nearer to my area (south)! 😋

Not sure if this blog format for events and happenings is okay with you! Let me know in the comment box below if you have other suggestions, and what else is new out there that you think I should try! ❤

Have a great day. :)

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