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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

On my next Korea trip, I'll probably stay in Hongdae. I tried it twice palang, one was just for a night, and the other was for work so I had no time to really go around. On my recent trip, I realized that there's still so much to see in this youthful neighborhood of Seoul (university area).

When all these finally come to an end, I will make sure to book my next guesthouse in Hongdae.

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There are many reasons why I want to stay in Hongdae. First is that a lot of Korean dramas were shot here (Coffee Prince, Kim Bok Joo, I Am Not A Robot, etc). It also houses a lot of local cafes and indie shops. And of course, I heard of other hip neighboring areas like Yeonnamdong that I want to go to next time.

On my one afternoon in Hongdae, here are some of the things I was able to do. Feel free to add more Hongdae tips on the comment box below!

12nn: Bought Crash Landing on You Plushie in Bรผtter

I have to confess that I bought the plushie even before watching the drama, haha! Crash Landing On You was ongoing while I was in Korea. I can't watch during a trip coz I am usually too tired at night, or researching for the next day.

I was on my way out of Hongik University Station Exit 1 when I saw the store Bรผtter. It's a cutesy wasteland like Artbox which is my favorite stop in Garosugil, so I went in the store to look around.

The penguin plushies with flapping wings were displayed by the entrance, and they're selling them for KRW 15,000 (Php 600+). So happy that I got it after watching the series coz it's the perfect souvenir.

Hongik University Station Exit 1, before heading out.

1pm: Light lunch at BT21 Cafe Line Friends store

Went out late that day, so I was starving when I reached Hongdae. I was supposed to look for a vegetarian restaurant, but I cannot resist heading inside Line Friends first. I thought I can push lunch time for a little bit more so I can check out new BT21 merch. #Priorities ๐Ÿ˜…

Hongik University Station Exit 1, walk straight.

Was thinking of getting this Tata family set, but a lot of you voted NO in my Instagram Story poll. ๐Ÿ˜…

BT21 Ice Beverage offerings. It changed na pala from the last time I went to a BT21 cafe.

Busog sa mata, hehe!

Souvenirs from this visit, a Tata pen and small notebook:

2pm: Photo ops at the Beauty Inside Exhibit

Beauty Inside exhibit is located in Statice Museum Hongdae. I discovered it through Klook. It is like Dessert Museum or a super small Teamlab where you go to different rooms designed as photo zones. People were taking turns on each corner with their tripods and selfie sticks, hindi nakakahiya magpaka vain dito, lol!
Most guests are couples, lahat Koreans, napansin ko I was the only foreigner and the only one who went there alone! But they have stations with full wall mirrors so I make do with taking mirror selfies. Medyo awkward haha, but cute din naman ng shots. 
If taking pictures is not your thing ok na to pass this up. But it's a cute indoor activity when it's too cold or too hot outside.

Hongik University Station Exit 9, follow maps app to Statice Museum

My favorite room from Beauty Inside:

4pm: Watch Hongdae Street Performers

I randomly passed by this area while looking for a stationery store I've been meaning to visit. This street culture is just one of the things that made me fall in love with Korea 2 or 3 years ago. I live for the energy of the youth performing to Kpop. Even the audience were so supportive! Stopped to watch a busker sing Paul Kim's So Long, my Hotel Del Luna heart!!!

Hongdae street performers start at 4-5pm, then 7pm onwards. 

Hongik University Station Exit 8 or 9, follow the booming music or search for the Twosome Place Coffee Shop.

5pm: Shop merch from local creators in Object

If you watch Ondo vlogs, this is where the Korean vlogger sells her merch! Visited to take a look, but ended up creating a big dent in my pockets! It is similar to our Commonroom here in Manila.

Aside from Ondo, you'll also discover other local Korean artists in this store. They have a bookstore on the top floor, and three floors filled with random stuff like stationeries, totes, home display, kitchen stuff etc. Ang sarap mag hoard if only I have the luggage space and budget!

Hongik University Station Exit 6. Visit Object Online.

6pm: Early Dinner at the Train Station

Before completely leaving Hongdae, I passed by this small restaurant inside the train station and decided to make a quick stop for dinner. They have gimbap, ramyeun, and other Korean dishes to warm the tummy. I've been eating convenience store food for the past days, so it's nice to dine and eat fresh food. The place reminds me of my first favorite in Korea, Pomato

Hongik University Station Near Exit 5.

My haul from Hongdae:

I really love this postcard I got in Artbox: "Pleasure of Ordinary Days". It defined my 20 days in Korea.

Watch more here:

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