Travel Blogging in the Time of Corona Virus

Friday, March 13, 2020

I usually open a small talk with “saan na next trip mo?”.

 Listening to someone's new or next adventure excites me coz I can really see authentic sparkle in a person’s eyes whenever they talk about their trip. 

Traveling has been my life for the past years. It’s the “highlight” of my blog year-enders, what I look forward to, and a big chunk of my motivation why I work so hard.

What was lost in my blogs, I found again when I focused on travel content. After years of getting derailed, feeling lost when I just cover random events and new products, I can finally write again from the heart. I am still promoting as this is inevitable, but at least now I am promoting more of experiences, creating memories, and even self growth. 

I started with just posting about my personal trips which lasted for years. One day, I received my first free travel invitation to promote tourism, cities, airlines, and other travel related brands. I finally reaped the fruits of my labor. In 2019, I have a flight almost every month. I was living my dream.

And then COVID happened. 

Instead of posting new flights, I see travel cancellations and empty tourist spots on my feed and emails. Instead of press release on seat sales, I receive travel advisories on how to cancel or rebook your airline tickets.

Just yesterday before they announced the community quarantine in Metro Manila, we had to move the dates of our LU hotel supposedly scheduled this weekend. Buti nalang the hotel is very considerate.

That night after our President's press conference, I also had to cancel an international flight to Hanoi for April. There were minor charges that hurt my wallet, but I will take this than pushing through or cancelling without any refunds. 

As of today, I have no pending travels to look forward to.

With my passport temporarily parked inside my closet in the coming months, what do I do now that I am on self-imposed travel break and house arrest?

1) First, I will avoid posting on Instagram suggesting people to travel as if there's no COVID and international health concern going on. I have to be more conscious and extra sensitive in promoting tourism in this time when it can cause an outbreak. 

2) Being on hibernation mode, I can also finally finish travel articles that have piled up from consecutive trips. BUT I have to make sure to put disclaimers, discouraging travels for now. "Use this when you plan your trips in the future, after this virus, etc."

3) Although I am still writing my former travels, I treat them as documentations. I will try NOT to flood my social media with links of these articles. Instead, I will prioritize important travel and of course health advisories.

4) This is also the perfect time to do things that I have been putting off: Declutter my room, finish a book or a Netflix series, start a hobby like painting or bullet journaling, etc.

5) Lastly, take a break. This is the perfect time for self-care. To stay healthy, not only for myself but for my family. Other than strengthening my immune system, it's also a much needed time-off from over-working. I'll dedicate this month to reevaluate and realign my life plans.

Now that you've been given time, what will YOU do? What do you think is ok and what is not ok to post on social media?

Lastly, please do keep in mind that if you have the time to think through things while on "community quarantine", we are still very very fortunate. I will not take my cancelled flights and travel blogging break negatively, as long as God continues to bless me and my family and friends with good health, I am grateful.

I've been reading updates on Italy's situation, our fellow Filipinos with required physical presence to work, and Filipinos who don't even have basic life necessities. Naiiyak ako while reading messages in my groups where I have doctor friends who have to sacrifice their time with their babies, and their colleagues getting infected na by the virus. 

I am praying that all these will be over soon, wag na lumala pa. Sometimes I wish sana balik nalang sa CLOY ang trending sa feed ko dahil tapos na this nightmare! But what can I do? I can only stay at home for now, pray, and hope for the best. Please stay healthy, guys! Let's get through this.

My heart goes to our healthcare workers, the frontliners battling COVID19. 
I am cheering for you! 


  1. Forreal, no plans tlga muna to travel~ But yun din, we are fortunate enough to even think about that :( Sa work namin, mg iimplement ng 4-day work week so more time na rin sguro to catch up on Kdrama/Netflix/blogging and TULOG! Lol and start on journaling! Fighting, ms Ana! I'll always be waiting for your blog posts ;) #CancelCoronavirus

    1. Thank you!!! Gusto ko yang hashtag na yan! :D And yes, safety first, ingat Pearly!!

  2. Hirap talaga ng pandemic na to. I was caught also in the middle of my travel plans. I had no choice but to travel back. Doble ingat lang during the trip. Meanwhile, wag na muna byahe. we just have to pray and follow what our leaders say. Stay safe.

  3. We hope that all of this teaches us to travel in a more conscious and sustainable way!


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