My Top 3 Unique Face Mask Designs (Philippines)

Sunday, July 12, 2020

I usually just bring out my regular black cotton mask whenever I travel abroad during cooler season, to protect my face from chapping and also for added warmth. But now it has become a necessity even when you're just going out for a quick jog around your neighborhood. 

I am amazed by the variety of face masks our designers and local shops are coming up with in time for this pandemic. Sharing some styles that caught my attention.

1) Kelly 2-Way Scarf (Php 1850) by unif0rm

My Top 1 definitely goes to unif0rm, a local brand I've known for the longest time already because my sister is a fan of their not-so-basic clothes that she wears for office. True their style, even their masks have unique structure!

I saw the Kelly Two-Way scarf first on Heart Evangelista's Instagram post on her trip to Sorsogon. It is a triangular printed neck scarf that can also be worn as a mask that extends down to your chest. Very stylish! 

Another true-to-brand mask design is from designer Vania Romoff. To me, a Vania piece of clothing equates to elegance in simplicity. This holds true even in their own rendition of a face mask.

Aside from the material, the Trio Silk Masks have scrunched ear elastics that gave a more feminine aesthetic to this essential. What's more satisfying is that it comes in a matching silk pouch. I think this can even be the perfect accessory for your entourage in case you have to push through with an intimate wedding!

Vania Romoff also carries these polka dots Jacquard Mask Duo Set (Php 1800/set) printed masks. At the moment, all their masks are soldout.

Lastly, I really love the quirky embroidery design of Seek The Uniq's face masks. They make this otherwise intimidating accessory look as if someone's giving you a smile underneath the layers of fabric.

In fact, the age-old technique of embroidery makes each piece of Seek The Uniq mask a piece of art! They also come in 2 sizes.

The pieces featured on this post are non-medical face masks that usually comes with slots for filters.  You can also wear surgical mask underneath for extra protection. All pictures used for this post are from featured brands' corresponding websites and social media accounts.

Have you encountered other unique face masks in the market? Let's share links below!

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