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I recently opened my Instagram Story to "Q&A Mondays". I received lots of interesting questions that I got carried away in answering them, sayang they only lasted 24 hours. Compiling them here from now on.

Q: Hello! Ano po ba yung profession nyo? 
A: Hello! I'm a full-time blogger!

Q: Ate! I really love your haul videos hehe and travel videos tho hindi masyado makapagtravel ngayon
A: Thank you! Sige try ko pa mag post more hauls. :)

Q: Ate Ana, ano yung site mo for learning Korean? :)
A: It's! Aside from languages, they also have other courses like Arts or marketing, etc. Balak ko mag take pa ng iba related to writing or maybe digital marketing after this!

Q: What app do u use for your IG filter po? πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
A: I still use LIGHTROOM! But lately medyo tintry ko uli bumalik sa VSCO coz I love the effect of the M Series! :)

Q: Can we meet when you come back to Korea? 😊
A: Game na yan, promise! :) Hoping magka vaccine na talaga so we can all bounce back and maging ok na uli mag travel. πŸ™
See you then! ❤

Q: Ate this is not a question but I always love to see your OOTDs... πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œ
A: Thank you!!! Feel ko di nako marunong manamit after all these hahahahaha. Saka most of my stuff bigla ko nalang binenta sa closet sale ko. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
Pero super miss ko na mag event and dress up for it!

Q: What made you decide to do blogging full time?
A: I think I've posted na about my journey in becoming a full time blogger bit-by-bit, and one of them is on this post

I took up journalism in college so I was really writing all the time. Everyday may output, isama pa that I also joined Candy Council of Cool on my 4th yr. Writing talaga was really my thing--something I want to be good at! Dati ang blurry ng mga pics ko pero wala akong pake, basta I am able to tell my story!

When I graduated, I had a hard time getting into my dream job (magazines) but I continued writing on my blog--mga day-to-day happenings.

I was an online seller then (yung wire accessories I posted here before!), tapos dun ko nameet si @paxieness sa mga bazaars ko (buyer ko sha noon hahaha) and alam nya may blog ako so sometimes she will recommend me sa mga events na need ng bloggers :) 

Di pa "work" noon ang blogging! We did it for fun, and also for me na ang tagal self-employed I really enjoyed finally having "officemates" Till now kami kami padin magbabarkada. :)

Q: Do you get paid a lot as a blogger ate?
A: Hmmm while vloggers earn through views sa Youtube vids nila, as blogger wala akong ganun! :) My earnings come from brand sponsorships and collabs, so when you see me post si IG ko na brand and you liked & commented on the post... SALAMAT! It means you're supporting me and my daily source of income. ❤ Though marami rin doon exdeal lang, meaning they give free products for me to try & promote. Case to case siya.

But most ng shineshare ko like yung hangul course or pag nag tututorial ako ng mga hacks and video editing etc dito sa story ko--lahat non wala akong kita don. :) Doing it for the love of sharing and giving value to you guys para may matutunan tayo sa isa't isa. :)

Back to the question if malaki ba kita ko as blogger, I guess enough lang for me and a bit extra para maka contribute sa mga bills sa bahay (hati hati kami mag kakapatid) . . parang same lang ng mga ibang freelancers kanwari mga web designer or digital artists etc, naka base sa PROJECT ang kita ko. So if walang project, wala ding money in. :)

Q: Can you share us some tips po how to save money when travelling in Korea? or makatipid po?
A: Favorite ko tong ipon / saving tips kasi kahit ako once upon a time di ko afford mag travel! Naalala ko nag pipinterest lang ako ng photos ng snow saka autumn in Korea mga ganun! Siguro first step: believe you can do it! Goal setting ba. Law of attraction!

Second: Natutunan ko lang sa pagbabasa ko noon sa mga giant entrepreneur stories, wag mo isipin masyado pano ka mag titipid, pero paano ka KIKITA PA pa ma sustain lifestyle mo. So ako aside from blogging, pag may dadating na big trip ang dami kong on the side na job: Online selling, nag events PR pako non, etc. In short, HUSTLE HARD.

Third: Pero syempre, kung alam kong may trip na nga akong padating, iwas iwas na talaga sa gastos! So wala munang expensive coffee or shopping--tho yun nga minsan ang sarap mag shop ng winter clothes or basta pre trip diba! Hahaha!

Also, I only book what I can afford. Alam kong mas comfortable ang business class or naka hotel, but di ko pa sha kaya now. Ang goal ko matagal ako sa Korea so yun ang focus ko: San ako mag stay ng makaka mura but safe padin? Magkano dapat per day lang gastos ko (sinasama ko na yun shopping haha) tapos yun ang ieearn ko pre-travel!

Lastly, nag bebenta ako ng nabili ko sa travels hahaha diba meron din akong PASABUYS minsan! So in a way paguwi, may business padin ako after ng pleasure. :)

Q: Ate can u accept my follow req sa shopanagon HAHAHA
A: Hahahahah wait omg eto na! Ahahaha! Nacarried away ako sa pagsasagot sanyo hahaha just finished shooting for another brand collab (thank You Lord for work!!!) and eto naging relax time ko :)

Salamat for the questions! Try ko pa mag answer but if not.. next Monday uli tayo! ❤

Q: Can you share more abt meeting Winner Seungyoo? I'm a huge fan πŸ’™
A: Last na talaga! Workout time ko na hahaha!

Sharing this coz isa to sa moments na feeling ko isa akong "successful fan" hahaha :) Sobrang bait ni Yoon and G sya sa lahat ng requests namin mapa selfie yan, photobooth, or yun makeup part may kailangan syang makeupan na isang vlogger for the show hehehe ang kulit! Ang cool din ng aura nya, saka hindi sya assuming naalala ko when he introduced himself may padisclaimer pa sha na "do you know Winner?"

Naalala ko after the shooting, we had dinner with JTBC and they asked us what we think of the artists of the show, and we told them sobrang bait nila. One vlogger said "it's as if we're friends!" JTBC said na most idols ganun daw talaga "maybe it's because they went through a lot (as trainees) to get to where they are". Nag stick sakin to :)

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