Obsessed with BTS' Retro Concept | Inside the BTS Season's Greetings 2021

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

2020 turned me into a merch monster.

Life pre-pandemic, I try as much as possible to steer away from buying material things. I used to say that I'd rather spend on experiences. 

But last year, when the world stopped so I can't travel, buy fan meeting tickets, or even buy new clothes, my attention zoned in to my fan girling.

I started buying new BT21 items for my "collection". I used to just get TATA so I won't get tempted with the other 8 characters, but now my OT7 heart just wants to collect them all!

I also started getting albums, while back then I am satisfied with just purchasing from Apple Music coz I don't have a huge space in my room for any physical copies.

Another first for me is getting a Season's Greetings. Kpop groups often release these boxes by end of year. Since I live in South East Asia, I bought from a shop that resells it for pre-order at higher price. I also received it a month or so later from date of release.

I have seen countless of BTS 2021 Season's Greetings Youtube unboxing from K-ARMYs even before receiving my kit. But holding my actual box, and exploring its content still has that kilig feeling! 

Sharing what's inside:

1. BTS Planner and Stickers  - This is the pinaka sulit inclusion for me, coz I know I will use this planner every single day of this year! 

Love the high quality photos!

2. Desk Calendar - I used to have a BT21 desk planner. For this year, I love the style where you can flip and choose the photo you want to display for the month.

3. 4x6 Photo - I got Hobi! I'm so happy coz perfect timing that J-Hope Day is nearing!

4. Making DVD - I haven't seen this coz I don't have a CD player! 😅 Digging the vinyl style to stay consistent with the whole theme.

5. ID Photo Set, Polaroids, Polaroid Stickers, and Polaroid Mini Album - I love the tiny detail of having ID Photos that are back-to-back (you can see each member's "duality"), and that they added an old school foam-cover mini polaroids album to this box! 

6. BTS Themed Masking Tape

7. Record Player Style Box, Round Mini Posters - Obsessed with this concept!

8. Retro Magazine Photo Book - Eye candy for every page. Again, obsessed!

I am not sure what big purchase I will make this year after vowing to take it easy after getting this Season's Greetings. But definitely not regretting this purchase because BTS' version of a retro themed concept is really on-point, plus the planner and calendars are actually useful! I also had the record player box displayed on my desk now, for instant good vibes!

I also bought this huge wall calendar, which I also really like. Even this one has that 80s vibe, but with huge photos of our fave boys every month (so they alternate as posters when the year ends).

I pre-ordered my set from for Php 3800, which includes the wall calendar. You can get just the box for Php 2750, or just the wall calendar for Php 1600, although I think they are currently sold-out na. 

I like that Aegyo Korean Merchandise ships fast. I bought my BE album from a different seller, and my friend who got hers from Aegyo also received it a week or so in advance. They are a bit pricier compared to other Korea pre-selling shops, but you don't have to think about your shipping fee anymore since it's already included in the rate. Mine was even delivered on same day (via Lalamove) to ensure that everything arrives in good condition.

Freebies from Aegyo Korean Merch, Tiny Tan Notebooks:

Did the pandemic turned you into a collector too?

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