My AROHA Story for DSTORE:OPEN's ASTRO 5th Anniversary Online Event

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Yesterday, I gave a talk for 50 AROHAS (ASTRO fans). 

A few months ago, DStore:Open contacted me about their ASTRO 5th Anniversary Cup Sleeves event saying that they got inspired to create this project because of my BTS Birthday Boxes (super appreciate and love this acknowledgment huhu). Since I am flooded with BTS birthdays for the past months, I asked them if I can send a little something that they can add to their box. Of course, I sent an ARTIVIVE photo of the boys!

What I like about this ASTRO-AROHA Box is that 1) It has a theme, which is ASTROback In Time (or throwback to when ASTRO started since it's an anniv box), and 2) They have a program on the day of the anniversary! This is something that I don't think I can pull-off for my own Cupsleeves Event@Home! 

A sneak peek of the ASTROback in Time anniv box by DSTORE:OPEN

Everything's so nice, but I love this bottle with custom made ROROHA sticker!

We had lots of games, a "film showing" of ASTRO's first ever self-produced video na sobrang hilarious, raffle, and ASTRO even went on VLive while we were having trivia sessions so we paused our whole program and watched via Zoom's Share Screen! Nakaka aliw to watch and react as a group! :)

Our special guests, ASTRO! Hehe!

Anyway, part of the program was viewing of my Artivive video, and a little speech of my AROHA story. I honestly feel shy to talk in front of the 50+ AROHAS who attended the online event, but at the same time, I really felt honored to have given that chance to tell my story. I really hope I made it worthwhile!

Anyway, sharing the "speech" I wrote the night before the event. Usually, when I make talks or speeches, I just type away my initial thoughts, and then eventually edit and reduce it to either bullet points on an index card, or create a Powerpoint guide with the main points just so I am not all-over the place. 

Thank you for making me feel my story is worth your time!

Sharing my raw "speech" on this post, something I can look back to someday on what happened when ASTRO, my first love, turned 5.


ASTROback In Time: My Speech for D:Store's ASTRO 5th Anniv Online Event

Like most AROHAS I know, I was introduced to ASTRO or even KPOP in general by no other than our best recruiter Do Kyung-seok--Or Cha Eunwoo’s character in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty.

Prior watching Gangnam Beauty, I only listen to KPOP in the form of Korean Drama OSTs. Sobrang Kdrama girl ako noon. I got into it late nadin naman, I was part of the 2016 wave of new fans when Goblin, DOTS, Scarlet Heart, and of course—my forever favorite Kim Bok Joo were shown. 

A newbie fan girl of the hallyu wave, I really got into all things Korean. I ate the food shown in Kim Bok Joo. I tried the multiple skincare routine of these beautiful Korean celebrities (glass skin goals!). I followed the fashion trends in Korea. And ang pinaka matindi ko na ata nagawa is I also went Korea every season to visit shooting locations of my recent favorite dramas. In short, nagpalamon talaga ako sa systema. 


BUT just not Kpop. That time, I knew dadating din ako sa point na baka maadik din ako dito, cinoconsider ko lang sya. Pero hindi ko pinilit. I had my Spotify playlist of my favorite Kdrama OSTs and few Kpop songs from different groups, and OK na ako dun.


Ayun na nga, and then Gangnam Beauty happened. 


I think sobrang na sepanx ako kay Cha Eunwoo after the drama, so I started watching random Youtube videos where he was featured. Napanood ko yung nag sasayaw pala sya, ay ang galing nya mag English, and ma bungisngis pala sya compared to his character. Nalaman ko rin na he is a member of a Kpop group named ASTRO, and so I also dived into fan made Youtube videos. Yan yung mga 100 Facts You need to know about ASTRO, or Watch ASTRO Go Crazy for 15 Minutes. :D Favorite videos ko noon yung birthday pranks, yung hinuhuli nila yung cicada, saka yung Annyeong Cleopatra game!


I also watched their music videos, and for someone entering the Kpop world for the very first time, I was so overwhelmed! Napaka high quality ng Crazy Sexy Cool! Sobrang synchronized naman nila sumayaw sa Hide & Seek! Grabe din in-LSS ko sa Cat’s Eye.


After years of just watching Korean drama, panay ASTRO nalang bigla pinapanood ko!


I also started going to local fan meetings. I just searched for local fan bases of ASTRO, and saw several and followed them all and even paid for membership fees. Ang saya ko noon! I attended fan gatherings kahit mag isa lang ako just to meet fellow AROHAS. Dun din ako noon nakaka bili ng ASTRO fan merch, nakakapag fan girl sa ASTRO coz we watch ASTROAD dvds na parang asa concert talaga kami complete with our robong. 


Dahil I follow these fan groups, I also participate in local ASTRO projects like billboard fundraising here in Manila and in Korea, or sponsor booths for their events. Di ko namalayan madami nadin pala tayong nailalabas for ASTRO, haha! I guess it’s just one of my ways to show my love and support for the boys.

Disclaimer: Not an organizer of these local ASTRO fan events! I just enjoyed my baby Roha years sponsoring some of their prizes, booths, projects, or simply just go to their events as attendee / supporter! :)

BUT, lesson number 1 in being a fan, we can show it in different ways and not just in how many merch or projects we’re involved in. Wala sa merch yan talaga. One way we can show support to ASTRO is by posting their music on our social media from time to time. 


Minsan mag Instagram story ako ng isang ASTRO song. Tapos few weeks or even months later biglang may mag ddm sakin “Ate onti nalang bias ko na si Moonbin.” Or “Ana sobrang nagugustuhan ko na yun ASTRO.” Effective! Sobrang nakaka proud sakin yun! In our own pasimple ways, we can all consider ourselves as AROHA Influencers.

From just Kdrama locations, I also visited a few ASTRO related sites on my next Korea trips


Super namimiss ko na yung mga physical gatherings so I am thankful to D-Store that we have this instead. I remember entering a venue alone, awkward at first, but leaving with a smile and satisfied heart. Sana ganun din kayo after this event. Noon, ang saya ko na maging Kdrama fan girl, but being an AROHA gave me a community---or even a family.


If there’s one thing I learned in life it’s to do whatever makes you happy. Basta walang natatapakan or nasisirang anything, go for it! If masyado toxic ang issues about our faves, don’t mind them! Deadma! If your peers think you’re being “too much” when it comes to supporting idols, then so be it! We are not here to get stressed out, or to prove anything, naging fan girl ako to be happy. And ASTRO made me happier in sooo many ways.


Naalala ko after the Cha Eunwoo fan meeting in Manila, to think patikim palang yan sakin ng isang official ASTRO event tapos hindi pa OT6, but soooobrang saya ko. ASTRO is indeed my anti-anxieties pill. I am happy to support them and alam nyo I really believe in my heart that ASTRO is bound for greatness. Tamang timing lang talaga. So whenever you hear friends getting into this fandom, pls welcome them with open arms!


Lastly, use this passion and love for ASTRO to motivate you everyday. Like a true fan girl, stay happy! Always be excited! Root for the good in others. If you can cheer for idols who do not know you personally, you can also cheer for your friends with all your heart. Be unconditional. Be that girl that boosts a person’s day, and affect other people’s lives positively. Be a dreamer AND a doer! One day you’ll realize that being a fan girl, being an AROHA, is all worth it.

My favorite quotable quotes from our boys

I had to screenshot some of the messages I received in the chatbox last night. I also have to clarify that I am not encouraging you to quit work to be "happy", haha! (Click pic to enlarge)

... I meant it in a way that do not engage in fan girling toxicity, but do it because it makes you happy after a long day of hardwork. 

Let ASTRO be our safe and happy place, like how they've always been to a lot of us for the past 5 years..



  1. We are so honored, Ms. Ana! Thank you so much for being part of this event. Until the next one...

    1. Thank you again DSTORE!!! Will always remember this first online gathering as a highlight of being an AROHA :)

  2. Whaa. Super na-inspire po ako sa talk niyo po and super thank you for investing your time with us Arohas in this event. Smile always! Looking forward po to see you personally ❤ God bless!

    1. I hope to meet you Rohas too one day, and thank you for listening to my story!!! :)


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