Hello 2021!

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Some might think that social media will just make you jealous, envious over others' seemingly perfect lives. But in my case, I see these new things, travels, and activities as goals, aspirations, and maybe even future opportunities. If they made it possible even at this time, maybe I can do it too!

On my last post, my bitter tone for the upcoming year surfaces (is there such a thing as a New Year Scrooge?) knowing that I can't plan anything like I usually do once the calendars are changed. 

"A new year doesn't mean that the virus will magically disappear". 

Honestly, at that time when I wrote this year-ender, I felt that planning something will only lead to heavy disappointments.

I am glad that I came across people on my feed living their lives amidst the crisis. Some a bit too much for my standards (for my parents' sake, I am still afraid of being overly spontaneous), but there are others that seem doable even for a cautious person like me. 

I won't be overly confident, and I will still respect my family, the protocols, risks, and other precautions the past year has forcefully ingrained in us. But 2021, maybe we can do these? :)

1. Learn acrylic art, latte art, pottery, etc.

In the past years, we are done with soy candles, perfume, Kpop dance, resin jewellery, and soap making to name a few. But as a self-proclaimed student of life, I am down with more classes as long as the school will assure that protocols will be met. Heck, I'll even accept learning from Teacher Youtube! 

2. Nature trips.

I was shocked the very first time I saw a non-throwback travel photo on my feed, then it became normal eventually. When lockdowns were softened up, others took it as a chance for a quick getaway from the city, or to getaway from their lives for the past 10 or so months. A beach trip seems fun but hassle (to me), but seeing a friend conquering a MOUNTAIN made my heart leap a little. Gusto ko to! I felt something that I didn't feel when I first saw sand and bikini photos.

3. Spend less, earn more.

This will be my last conservative goal for the year, something that I didn't see on the internet but I've been so guilty of last year when "add to cart" became my therapy. I hope that I'll be wiser when it comes to money, and I hope this will be my chance to grow my own business. 

I usually list up to 10 goals, haha, but I think these three are enough for me for now. Like how we thread through the new normal early last year like babies on their walkers, maybe we can build a life again this year--slowly but surely, careful but still moving forward.


  1. Happy New Year sis! Push natin yan goals na yan! I've learned talaga that putting pen to paper really works. On the first day of January I wrote on my planner that one of my goals this year is a promotion or a better-paying job, then the next day I got an email from a recruiter about a possible job opportunity! Amazing! The Universe conspires, et cetera, et cetera. Lapit na birthday mo pala, I miss our annual birthday dinners! Praying for you!!

    1. Thank you sis namiss ko yung gantong interaction sa long blog post!!! Iba din pala talaga yung feeling kesa sa IG! :)

      Will start with my diary na rin, kainspire yung post mo talaga and also how you still keep a diary!!!

  2. Ana!!! It's been so long. So good to see that your blog is still active. Reading your posts really inspires me to get back on it, too. I suppose part of it is living away from home and wanting to share my experiences with everyone.

    Kakamiss yung mga ganitong post na sobrang natural lang, like nung simula. :) And I super support all these things on your list, especially 1. I found that 2020 really allowed me to do different activities that eventually led me to many newfound hobbies.

    I wish you the best in this year! Happy 2021. :D

    1. Thank you for dropping by Megann! Natutuwa ako seeing people trying to blog again! :) I also love seeing your new life abroad! :) Looking forward to your blog comeback!!


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