2nd Year as an Official AROHA: What's Inside My 4th Gen ASTRO Membership Box (2020)

Friday, February 26, 2021

Because pandemic happened, we waited for our 2020 official 4th Generation ASTRO membership box to arrive for almost a year. In fact, they haven't released a 2021 5th Generation ASTRO Membership recruitment yet, which I find very considerate. 

Anyway, my box arrived around late last year directly from South Korea to my doorstep via DHL. They were updating us the whole time via autogenerated emails. 

The actual membership box was placed inside a courier's heavy duty box, so to my relief, the whole thing came in perfect condition.

In love with this concept! Felt like I was accepted in my dream school, hehe!

One of the precious contents in this box is the membership card!


There are concert and fan meetings perks that come from being an official AROHA member, but I think I only maximized it during ASTRO's online concert (2020 ASTRO Live On WWW" On-tact Concert). They gave discounted ticket price for members. This year, I think there will be more member advantages for the 2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival: Be Mine. Super looking forward to this!


The published membership fee is only KRW 30,000, which is about Php 1300+ only. This is without the international and local shipping fee pa. 

In my case, since I asked for application assistance from a local fan group (I applied with ASTRO Philippines), I ended up paying Php 2700 in total. This is easier for me because I don't have to worry about shipping, converting KRW to PHP, and understanding the mechanics. But of course, you can order directly via Melon.


The main course for me in being a member is receiving a box filled with 100% official ASTRO merch! Sharing to you the beautiful contents of this well-thought-out Kpop membership kit!

High quality plastic folders with all 6 members:

Complete Photo Cards in a small envelope (Group, Solo, Units)

Stickers inside a clear pouch (Photos of members, their doodles, etc)

They have this din on my 3rd gen box, letter from ASTRO in accordion, back-to-back postcard:

ASTRO member profiles in school registration format:

And items to complete the ASTRO University theme: 

A clipboard:

A notebook style photobook:

My favorite, a very useful ASTRO University canvass tote! (button pin not included)

Used some of the stickers, OT6 photocard and Cha Eun Woo's ID photo to decorate my clear phone case:

I really love the concept of this membership box, and I find most of the inclusions useful. Excited for what they will come up with for AROHA's 5th generation membership!

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  1. Aaaah! Thanks for sharing ^^ !! Just wondering, I've been trying to join AROHA but don't know where to start. Do you know how I can join AROHA?


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