Back to the 90s: Old-School Entertainment I am Currently Enjoying

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I've always wondered how my dad felt when stores started selling record players and vinyl again. But last year, when BTS and Taylor Swift released cassette tape versions of their latest single and album, I think I got a glimpse of that. 


Ever since the pandemic started, I found myself trying to revive a lot of things I used to enjoy during my childhood. Stuff I took for granted as time passed by, and shinier things took their place. Take for instance, there's Spotify and Youtube that made skipping and repeating songs effortless. Although less convenient, there's actually some sort of satisfaction in playing the CDs from the Kpop albums I currently collect.

There's a certain charm in listening to modern songs using good ol' cassette player:

QWERTY Cellular Phones

Speaking of revivals, recently I also bought a Motorola Razr flip phone albeit the lack of use in my life now. It's cute, it was my dream phone 2 decades ago, and it's now selling for less than Php 1000 via Shopee. But setting aside these reasons, it's actually just a fossil to add to my retro collection at home.

90s Computer Games

I also got into 90s games again after seeing the lead character of a Kdrama I am currently watching play Classic Solitaire on his computer while waiting for his next patient (Hospital Playlist Season 1). I remember hogging our family's personal computer during downtime, so I can play this game--or the epic Space Adventure Pinball when I wanted something more exciting! 

I searched online if it's still possible to play these old school computer games, when I discovered the website. It's a pandora box of free games from across genres which you can play directly on your web browser (no need to sign up!). 

They even have the classic Nokia mobile game Snake! I've been wanting to play this again!

Film Cameras

Another relic from the past that I am currently into are film cameras. I use both Fujifilm disposable cameras and a standard Kodak film camera in purple. This has been an on-off hobby for the past years, mainly because it's an expensive hobby to sustain. 

Nevertheless, I really find enjoyment in the slow process, the excitement in finally finishing a film roll, and how "curated" one set of 36 photos will turn out. 

At the moment, I've been seeing a lot of Looney Tunes comeback on my feed because of the new Space Jam movie, and then BTS just covered the 90s hit I'll Be Missing You. Ahhh.. pure nostalgia!

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