Work-From-Home Essential: Stylish Eyewear with UV400 and BlueLight Protection!

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

My screen time went up over the past months when I started working from home. 

Before, my social media time were limited to my commutes to events, and laptop time for days I had to write. But now it's as if I am using my gadgets 80% of the day! 

Peculiar Eyewear introduces stylish glasses that have UV400 and BlueLight blocking technology. They are the only eyewear in the Philippines to have certification for these features! I used my pair while writing my blogs or watching Netflix to avoid negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, high-energy visible blue light. Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration, and contributes to digital eye strain.

Here are more information about this brand:

- Peculiar Eyewear, Passes International Standard for USA and Europe.

- All Peculiar Eyewear are assembled in the Philippines! From cutting the lens, to testing the lens for quality control.

- Eyeglass/Eyewear comes with a free protective case and microfiber wiper, harmful light tester so you can check the eyewear yourself!

- Wearing their frames can also prevent headache, migraine and other eyes irritating problem cause of too much exposure from harmful rays.

Here are my favorite styles from Peculiar Eyewear 

(Click name for the Shopee listing!)

1. Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy Baby SILVER Transition PRO Antiradiation for men and women (What I'm using now)

2. Peculiar Eyewear LEVI Aviator Anti radiation Replaceable Lens Computer Eyewear for Men and Women

3. Peculiar HUGO Square GOLD Peculiar Photochromic TransitionPRO Antiradiation for men and women

All pairs from Peculiar Eyewear are unisex, and affordable. You can shop for your protective eyeglasses here.

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