5 Reasons To Retire in Southeast Asia

Friday, October 22, 2021

 When you reach your retirement age, but preferably before you do, you need to decide just where in the world you are going to call home for your Golden Years. Southeast Asia is a popular destination for visitors and long-term residents alike, mostly because of the beautiful scenery and the rich cultural experience that is practically guaranteed.

If you’re trying to decide where to spend your years of retirement, here are five reasons to let Southeast Asia persuade you…

1.   Beautiful Beaches

Southeast Asia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see in your life. The pristinely soft sand and warm turquoise waters are some of the most well-known qualities of their beaches. Imagine waking up to that kind of view every day for the rest of your life – pure magic! Cebu, in The Philippines, has some of the most amazing places to visit and experience.

2. Favorable Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, Vietnam, and The Philippines are some of the most favorable in the world. On average, you can live a comfortable life for between $800 and $1200 per month. This will more than cover the cost of food, utilities, healthcare, and taxes.

As far as accommodation goes, you can easily find a Cebu condo for sale and move in sooner than you might think. Browse the optionss available online or go for a COVID-19 safe viewing, you will swiftly find the perfect home for you to retire to. 

3. Laid-Back Living

The laid-back good vibe that you find in Southeast Asia is unique to those locations; you’re unlikely to find a place that is so chill and relaxed. The simple way of life extends to the warmth that you will experience from the local folks.

If you plan to retire to a place that will allow you to unwind after years of living in the hustle and bustle of the city, then this is the perfect place for you.

4. Thriving Cultural Scene

Most places in Southeast Asia have a strong culture in which the East meets the West. This means that even though the local people have a distinct Asian background, they do also embrace strong Western traditions. For example, the modern Filipino culture is developed through Chinese, Spanish, and American influence.

You don’t need to worry about fitting in; you will be welcomed regardless of your culture. Your only concern should be making sure that you enjoy your retirement years in a serene space for you physically and mentally. 

5. Food Markets

The people of Southeast Asia are resilient and they take pride in their cultural heritage. This means that they are incredibly respectfull and resourceful people who value their traditions. Many of these cultural practices and traditions are rooted in sharing meals which means that the food market experience here is out of this world.

Take your time to decide which country will be the perfect spot for you; some of them may be better suited to your particular lifestyle choices and needs, but you will easily be able to find the place that ticks all of your boxes.

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