Bulgogi Brothers Dosirak Korean Meal Boxes and Rice Bowls

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Been craving for Korean food the past days. It's a challenge whenever I want to order Korean food since they usually offer group meals. Finally, cravings solved with Bulgogi Brothers' new DOSIRAK and RICE BOWLS!

Avail of Bulgogi Brothers meal boxes in solo servings when you’re working from home, for lunch or dinner with family, or while meeting virtually with colleagues at work. Bulgogi Brothers' Dosiraks, or packed meal boxes in Korean, include the following choices:

Gwangyang & Chicken Dosirak - PHP 506.65

Pork BBQ & Japchae Dosirak - PHP 537.99

Pork BBQ - PHP 443.97

Squid Set - PHP 391.74

Beef BBQ & Spicy Chicken - PHP 412.63

Beef and Crispy Squid 

Meanwhile, for Korean Rice Bowls they have:

Beef BBQ - PHP 287.28

Pork BBQ - PHP 255.94

Spicy Chicken - PHP 203.71

You can have them delivered via Bistro Delivers, Grab Food, Food Panda or Pickaroo. 
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