Monday, February 06, 2023

I had the chance to attend the special Zoom press conference for Disney+, featuring Super Junior's Lee Teuk and Ryeo Wook. They talked about a lot of things regarding their new documentary Super Junior: The Last Man Standing, and their career as Kpop idols. 

One of the most watched shows now on Disney+ all over the world, this documentary is not just a history of the Korean boy group from SM Entertainment, but also of Kpop. Even those who aren't fans will fall in love with Super Junior. As SuJu Leader Lee Teuk said, "At first, I am just happy to have this documentary that I can watch. But now that I've seen it, I hope more people will get to watch it."

Here are some tidbits from the Q&A which lasted around 45 minutes!

What sets this documentary apart from other documentaries?

RW: There are a lot of footages when we were young, literally babies. I think these rare footages will be enjoyable for our old and new fans. 

If you can give a message to your your young self, when you just debuted, what will it be?

RW: You're going to be the best, so don't be afraid. I can feel in the documentary that I was so afraid that I can't even introduce myself. 

LT: I will tell myself you are doing great. I really tried my best. 

Which parts in the documentary made you cry?

RW: The documentary encompasses our entire past, even our conflicts & crisis. I was surprised they will include it. 

How did you get over the crisis of the team?

RW: This was not part of the documentary, but we will go on trips together, not as a team, but as ourselves to have fun. If you can also see our daily lives in the documentary, you'll know how we overcame these crisis. 

Everyone knows how I fought with Siwon before. We seldom fight, but when there's a fight it's a big one. this may sound lame, but since we've been together for a long time, we naturally patch things up.

There are solo interviews in the documentary, is there anything that surprised you? 

RW: I was surprised by Kyuhyun. He was the last member they added to Super Junior, I was surprised by how he felt, that no one said hi to him. 

LT: I was very surprised by Siwon. He looks more CEO than the CEO himself!

Soon, Super Junior will celebrate 20th Anniversary, how do you maintain this relationshop?

LT: When our members have their solo activities, I make sure to go there. To congratulate them. Our members know I was there to support them. It keeps our bond.

There are 2 episodes in this documentary. If you can add one more episode, what will you include there?

RW: I do love watching a lot of documentaries of singers. If there will be a third or fourth episode, I would like to include our daily lives with our other friends aside from Super Junior members. I think E.L.F will understand us more deeply when they see our daily lives. 

LT: Our documentary summed up our past and present. Maybe to talk about our future and our dreams going forward will be a good third episode.

What is the difference of Super Junior from other groups?

RW: I think Super Junior is a full package We are all so different, each members have different charms. I think that's why E.L.F loves us 

LT: If you watch the show, you can see that we ventured in different genres other groups haven't tried at that time (like forming units).

30-50 years from now, what do you want others to remember you? 

RW: Times have changed, but if we were to debut now, if fans will still love us, then I will be really happy. 

LT: Super Junior is the only group who has been there for so long, and still remain competitive. 

After the documentary was released in Disney+, Super Junior members sent messages to each other in their group chat. Lee Teuk said he started tearing up after watching, they were really touched by all these memories they've had together--the good and the bad. Super Junior: The Last Man Standing really showed how these Korean idols have come a long way.

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