The Genius That Is Min Yoongi: SUGA: Road to D-DAY Now on Disney+

Friday, April 21, 2023

 "What worries me right now is that there’s nothing I want to talk about. And that makes me so sad. There were so many stories I wanted to tell. Did I lose them? Because I’ve achieved so much? Did I forget about them because so many of them already came true?"


Have you seen BTS Suga's newest documentary in DISNEY+ titled SUGA: ROAD TO D-DAY? What a ride it was. I may have a different bias in his K-Pop group BTS, but I always say to my friends that I see myself in Suga the most. 

Yoongi, Suga, Agust D. I can name so many similarities, but the most relatable to me is his being introverted and how he self-reflects a lot. Aside from those, I also find his passion and hardwork in his craft very admirable. In the documentary, you'll see a lot of his music creation process. There are also a lot of vulnerable scenes, and never-before-seen moments that you should watch out for. He is a true artist, facing a lot of insecurities and challenges. No wonder he produced so many masterpiece in the form of songs--for BTS, for his solo career, and even for other artists. He is in-tuned with his emotions, and is not afraid to face them and open up about them. His songs are his stories.

"I had to express a lot of my insecurities. Because if I didn’t, I felt like I had no reason to be a member of BTS," Suga said. 

In the documentary, they also showed us how the songs in D-Day album were created, and some stories behind each track. They also have beautiful live performances, featuring the artists he has collaborated with for this new album. The interactions with other artists were fun to watch, both with Korean and Western pop idols. Something we don't see often on social media.

"He's definitely one of my favorite artists to work with. I think he’s also very forward thinking.. Obviously, you have SUGA as BTS and SUGA on his own. And when I listen to his music on his own, he’s always doing something I would never expect. And so I always expect the highest bar from SUGA," said Steve Aoki said in the documentary. For Suga, these pop stars were among the ones who understood them well, seeing them for who they are. "They treated us as human beings," he added.

Another thing that we don't often see is Suga taking a break. He admitted that he "haven’t had this kind of fun in a while." Through this documentary, I learned that Suga finally had a new found love for travelling, finally experiencing the joy of exploring the world outside his work schedule. 

"I know we travelled to nice place while shooting BTS BON VOYAGE… But I’ve never seen anything more awe-inspiring than this. This is my first trip since my debut other than the ones I’ve gone on for shoots. I thought I didn’t enjoy travelling around. That’s why I never went anywhere," Suga said.

My favorite song from the whole D-Day album, if I may choose, is Snooze, his song with Japanese musician extraordinaire Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Kim Woosung of The Rose. I was in tears as I watched its performance video on the documentary for the first time. He said that he wrote this song for all the young artists losing sleep, skipping meals, and devoting their whole life to music. Like all the songs produced by Agust D, this album is also raw, has lots of message, and composed of songs that heal. In Filipino, walang tapon.

"I wondered if it may be the last piece of work under the name “Agust D”." With indefinite comeback, I am here to support D-DAY's promotion from the album, the concert, to this Disney+ Documentary--through and through for the artist and genius Min Yoongi. 

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