Maximizing ML Kwarta Padala for My Online Business!

Thursday, January 04, 2024

My "Nationwide" Closet Sale: A Little Story Time!

It's that time of the year again! Ever since the pandemic, from December to January, I hold a HUGE online closet sale to purge my room of things I haven't been using and make room for new things in life! It's my own "Spring Cleaning" version to welcome the new year with a clean slate.

Since I sell online within my small community, I have encountered several people living in different areas in the country or even abroad. I have buyers from as far as Bukidnon, Samar, and Jolo! It fascinates me how far I can deliver goods.

I also sold lots of curated boxes as my online business during the pandemic

Packing some online orders from clients from different parts of the Philippines

Often, though, I encounter buyers who have no convenient access to my banks/online banking mode of payment. They will request if I can receive money through ML Kwarta Padala. I learned how ML Kwarta Padala is the most convenient and fast money remittance service provider here in the Philippines and even abroad. With over 3000 branches, interested clients from far provinces in the country can still purchase my goods!

What is ML Kwarta Padala?

ML Kwarta Padala is a prominent remittance service provider in the Philippines that has played a vital role in meeting the financial needs of MILLIONS of Filipinos through the years.

M Lhuillier is committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction, expanding their branch network all over the Philippines and strengthening international partnerships, utilizing a reliable technology-based system.

With a focus on easy procedures, convenient locations, and available cash in all branches, ML Kwarta Padala stands out among remittance services, positioning itself as one of the BEST globally!

Aside from supporting business transactions like mine, this service has been a huge part of connecting millions of families, helping fulfill dreams, and providing comfort by embodying M Lhuillier's brand promise of EFFICIENCY and RELIABILITY.

How To Send via ML Kwarta Padala?

To initiate a money transfer through ML Kwarta Padala, follow these easy steps: 

1) Complete the MLKP Form and present a valid ID. 

2) Hand over the cash to the Front Line Associate. 

3) Upon a successful transaction, you will receive the customer's copy of the MLKP form and an official receipt for your records.

How To Claim Money via ML Kwarta Padala?

Remitting the money sent to you through ML Kwarta Padala is also very easy!

1) You will only need a valid ID (Driver's License, Passport, or National ID, etc) and your Reference Number.

2) Complete the MLKP Form, then approach the Front Line Associate to receive your cash. 

Make sure to present the necessary identification, and upon completion, obtain a copy of the customer's form for your records.

Reasons Why You Should Use ML Kwarta Padala

We now live in a fast-paced world of financial transactions. ML Kwarta Padala emerges as a leading choice for millions of Filipinos, offering a range of benefits that make it stand out in money remittance services. 

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should consider ML Kwarta Padala for your remittance needs:

1) Extensive Network - ML Kwarta Padala boasts a vast network of branches, making it convenient for both senders and recipients to access their funds across the Philippines and abroad.

2) Technology-Based System - Leveraging a robust and reliable technology infrastructure, ML Kwarta Padala ensures secure and swift transactions, providing peace of mind to users.

3) Convenient Procedures - The user-friendly and straightforward procedures, including the easy completion of the MLKP form and presentation of valid identification, make the process of sending and receiving money hassle-free.

One less thing to worry about: Having more reliable mode of payment options for your clients

Boxes of orders during peak of my online business!

Hoping to create another business like this in the future, but enjoying my Closet Sale for now! 

I really enjoy holding my Closet Sale, not just to declutter my space, but also to connect with individuals from various corners of the country. The convenience and efficiency offered by ML Kwarta Padala have played a pivotal role in facilitating seamless transactions, enabling buyers from distant provinces to join in this annual event. 

So, whether you're a seller like me seeking a hassle-free way to receive payments or a buyer eager to shop online, ML Kwarta Padala stands ready to bridge the gap and facilitate connections. Here's to more closets emptied, dreams realized, and bonds strengthened, all made possible by the efficiency and reliability of ML Kwarta Padala.

Learn more about ML Kwarta Padala through their website!

Click here for a list of MLhuiller branches.

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