I Joined a Korean Full-Course Meal Cooking Class at a Local Home in Seoul!

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

I joined a Korean Full-Course Meal Cooking Class at a Local Home during my recent Seoul trip! 

My friend asked if I've seen everything in Korea and why I keep going back. So I just told her about my plans for this trip, like the classes I booked through Klook. She thought they were cool and agreed there's still a lot to be done in South Korea. With K-pop comebacks and new Korean dramas all the time, there are always new places to check out!

One of the fun things I enrolled in last spring was a cooking class! I had already tried a kimchi making class several trips ago, but this one seems different:

First, we visited a local market. We passed through Mangwon Market, stopping at different stalls as our teacher pointed out various traditional Korean spices and ingredients—things you commonly find in a Korean pantry. We also tried several Korean street foods, like gimbap, and a soft, twisty bread covered with sugar. It was a fun icebreaker!

A walk through the Mangwon Market

Getting to know some of the Korean kitchen staples

A cool thing about this class is we also tried different Korean street foods in a local market

Our maknae, or the youngest in class, was tasked to buy us (with teacher's money) these twisty sugar breads.. in Korean! 

seoltangppang juseyo!

Our class didn't take place in a studio, but rather in our teacher's home! The vibe was fun and cozy. We sat in the dining area and reviewed our menu for the day. One great thing about this class is that they're very accommodating to dietary restrictions; they have alternative ingredients for everything, so as a vegetarian I never felt short-handed. 

Then, our teacher taught us some basic Korean words, such as 'Annyeong' and '-juseyo'! Throughout the cooking session, she also asked us about our stories, from travel tips to our hometowns, since we all came from different countries. When she asked each of us to explain the typical breakfast in our own countries, I was so ready to share the concept of our '-Silogs'! Hehe. Overall, our teacher made the cooking class very engaging, and we were laughing a lot!

Cooking time! Finally to the main event. We were taught how to make the following hearty Korean food: 

♥ Bibimbap - mixed rice with meat and veggies

♥ Dakgalbi - stir fried chicken (mine's mushrooms)

♥ Pajeon - Korean pancakes

♥ Doenjang-jjigae - fermented soybean paste soup

Ready to cook! Kaja!

Our very cute and animated teacher Junghee!

My working table. I have my own mini stove, pan, chopping board, and other cooking tools organized in front of me

I don't usually cook at home and can only make simple dishes, but our teacher made the class easy with her step-by-step guide. Before we knew it, we were already flipping the pancakes while she recorded us, just for laughs, because students often send their jeons flying at this part!

Expert pajeon flippers in just one class, haha!


I also remembered an episode of BTS In The Soop when Taehyung wanted to flip their pajeon, and Jungkook asked, "What if he flings it?" Seokjin simply smiled and said, "Then he flings it." So I had the same mindset at that time; if my cooking failed, then it failed, but it's not the end of the world. Gaaa, I miss my OT7!

From this, to this!

Proud of my Bibimbap!

And finally, eating time! We were back at the dining table, beaming with our dishes, and enjoyed them together with makgeolli, a Korean rice liquor, and 10 different Korean side dishes. Our stories continued as we ate our satisfying Korean dinner, which by the way tasted so good since we made them! To cap it off, our teacher taught us more Korean customs, such as the best way to eat rice in Korea (wrapped in a perilla leaf like a "taco"), and how Koreans say "Cheers!" or "Jjan!" as we clinked our gold metal bowls to celebrate our successful cooking session in Seoul.


Jal meokgesseumnida!

Booked my Korean cooking class via Klook! Use my Klook Promo Code KLOOKANAGON for discounts!

Watch my vlog:

@anagonnn I joined a Korean Full-Course Meal Cooking Class at a Local Home during my recent Seoul trip! 👩🏻‍🍳🍳 We prepared Korean dishes such as bibimbap, pajeon, doenjang-jjigae, and enjoyed it together with makgeolli and different Korean side dishes. 🇰🇷 So many stories from our teacher, and also enjoyed talking and listening to my classmates own hometown and travel stories. ✈️ ➡️ Booked my slot via KLOOK (use my promo code ANAGONKLOOK) #klookph #klooktravel #koreatravel ♬ original sound - Anagon ☻

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