Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just weeks ago, I remember telling my mom how I miss DEBUTS.
The years just ran too fast, and my generation is nowhere near that sweet 18 age. ;D During those few years when my friends celebrate their 18th, in a month there'll be parties here and there, even to the point that a day may have 2-3 overlapping debuts! :D

Anyway, I long for this type of event because I just love parties! I love FOOD! And I love debut because, unlike weddings where 2 persons are celebrated, debut has the Star of the Show---that one person who will feel in the most amplified way how much special she is to everyone around her. It's also a transition of "the baby now a lady"...a tradition to a lot of Pinoys! :)

Just weeks ago, my friend from Anagon Collection (a buyer turned friend :)) Sis Kat G invited me to the birthday of her friend in school. Here's the catch, I am invited in the DEBUT as a SURPRISE GUEST! :D Turns out that the celebrant is (in Kat's words, because I hate building up myself unless as a joke hahaha)... "a big fan from your Candy Magazine days". :D

I have to admit that I was hesitant at first---I was shy, but also at the same time, it's weird for me to act like some star who will just go in a party where I only know one person (my buyer/friend!)... Plus it was a Sunday (the day everyone in the family is home)! :D but what motivated me to go with this gimmick is when I heard stories of people that I look up to (mostly from UAAP! :D haha!) who takes the invitation of fans for surprise gimmicks or to be a speaker to events, etc...I realized that who am I to say no?

And so last Sunday, clad in my yellow blouse to be intuned with the PASTELS party-motiff, I went to Kowloon House West Ave with Sis Kat G. Since this will be for her 18 Treasures role...we decided that I shouldnt enter the venue till she calls me...So I looked for a place near Kowloon, and settled for the Karinderia version just next door (I need to save at least! ;D). I waited for more than 2 hours, ate the lugaw in the Karinderia, + stayed in the Lobby (even befriend the guard!), texted Alli and Marj to entertain myself, and even asked Alli through text "ano kaya ang plan ni Lord bat niya pinaparanas ito sa akin?" ..hahaha! =D

Good thing the surprise went well as planned, when my time came to enter the function room, Jen was super shocked, and even shed some tears while I read to her my message =)

...and really, 2 hours of travel on a lazy-Sunday, 2 more hours of waiting, but only a few minutes of making someone feel extra-special in her extra-special day, really, is enough reason to say that this day is a blessing. :)

Yellow and Pink :) With Kat G. -- my friend who invited me :)

With Shy, who approached me after the program :) Also a Candygirl at heart! :)

Nica, who accompanied me before my "entrance" ;D Haha! Very fun conversation :)

The pink celebrant with her parents. =) During thank you speech time.


With the Debutant! :)


Tip to Toe
Yellow Top - P250 Landmark
Gray Cover Up - SM
Black Leggings
Sanuk Silver Shine It
Accessories from Anagon Collection
Cute Silver Sling Bag- Borrowed from Ate

Currently loving pastels! :)

Ready for her tea party ;-) hehehe!

My message to Jen:
Hello Jen! I'm writing this on my way to your debut :) (From Alabang to QC, thank God for MRTs!). Kinuwento ka sakin ni sis Kat G. :) Thank you so much for appreciating my little attempts to leave a mark in this world. People like you inspires me to continue my dreams. :) 18 ka na...Continue dreaming and reaching for them one little step at a time.

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