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Monday, August 10, 2009

I have made a rule for my self to (as much as possible) air-travel in white. If not, I have to at least wear something decent even if it's just for domestic flights.

Photos from Davao trip last summer:

For this trip, I wore my white 3/4 polo, and black pinstripes shorts, my big black Adidas backpack, and a black leather bag. =) I feel that when you make an extra effort to look good, airport people will treat you much better! :D


My first time to ride a plane alone was for the Boracay outing with Marj and her Med School friends, where I tagged along on their 3rd or 4th day. "Going to" was fun through my now-favorite Cebu Pacific (and its cheap rates!) was also my first time to win in this airline's Bring Me contests (I got sachets of hair conditioners, haha!) but going home alone through SeaAire's super small plane was scary! :D

The plane I rode was, I think, less than 20 seaters, and we were less than 10 that time (including the pilots!). I can see the pilot from where I was seated (3rd row!), my bags were just lying around infront of me (no rules whatsoever)---that I felt like I was just riding a bus! The worst part was the winds---AND the person right behind me who was so paranoid that she'll tap my shoulder everytime the plane tilts!
Lady behind me evertime we experience winds: "Bat ganon!???!"


Just last August 5-8, I tagged along again on a Palawan trip with Geo and her uncle from Australia. We were also with Cathz (Geo's friend in Ateneo) and Fred (Geo's boyfriend). My fourth domestic flight for the year! As I've said, I want to look my best on plane rides and airport scenes, I wore an easy-breazy white blouse, tucked in my black skirt with pink polka dots, and wore my comfy silver Sanuk --- a footwear that can adapt from land, to air, to even the sea! :)

My look:

Tip to Toe:

Bubuyog Shades - Bangkok
Yellow "Cory" Cover Up - great find for P25 - Ukay2 :)
Easy Breezy White Top - P (???) - Landmark
Pink Polka Skirt - On-sale at SM for only P80!
Sanuk Shine It Silver - P1400+

Another thing about my recent plane rides through Cebu Pacific was that I always went for the Go-Light promo of the said airline. With this, my total plane fare is cheaper---adding that this Busuanga trip was booked by Geo earlier (I think April?)...owing her only Php 655! :D And that's a round-trip fare!!!!

Because I am on Go-Light, I only bring with me one big duffle bag I stole from my sister--stuff everything in it although I am such a messy-pack rat. My hatest during travels is bringing a big towel. I will bring anything and everything--but I feel that the towel will always be the cause of my bag's weight. Aside from the giant bag, for me it is important to have a small bag with you--with lots of compartments, to store your money, phone, camera, ids/passport, ticket, iPod, and a little notepad+pen for random thoughts. =)

Storms hit Metro Manila the past few days, that our plane ride was shaky (and scary) to and from Busuanga. I took long and deep breaths like how I've learned it in Yoga Classes (which I really miss!) just to fight the dizziness, and listened to my shuffle. It was still fun anyway, even if foods werent served during these rides. (Instant coffee costs P80!)

Besides, I won the Bring Me on both going and leaving plane rides--thanks to my little red bag where I store everything. I feel super competitive in these little contests since no one is really interested to join. When the plane was already settled from taking off, a stewardess will stand in front to announce their inflight-game of Bring Me--then will ask us to clap when we understand the rules. I will always clap loud and excited like a little kid! I knew then that they'll ask for the plane tickets, or a camera, or a cellphone (turned off!). I just got myself 2 Cebu Pacific orange photo totes (the other one I gave to Cathz =)) by being able to raise "Something yellow" and then a "Plane Ticket"! Hahaha! How predictable! ;D


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)