Anagon Collection Featured by Manila Times Students

Monday, September 07, 2009

Last Saturday, I went to Manila Times as invited by Nikka--a 3rd year college student of the said broadsheet's School of Journalism. :) The topic, according to Nikka, was on Young Achievers. I honestly feel I wasnt super qualified yet for this--but took this honor nonetheless because, as Ive said in my other blog: in order to materialize a goal, paninindigan ko na. I claimed the title, and so be it! :D Haha!

While in UST taking up journalism, I saw the Manila Times College Ad and thought that I also wanted to study there, since I think that being in the actual environment is good exposure.

I went to the Intramuros-based school by riding the Lawton bus till SM Manila, which wasnt opened yet so I stayed in Jollibee without ordering anything (hehe). I had with me my current fave and reliable violet soft-bag from Davao--filled with 2 sets of clothes that I will make the models wear during the show. Nikka picked me up from there, and we rode a taxi till her school (taxi fare reached around P60 only).

The interview was fun, though I was really conscious of how I look like on TV! :D Haha! I'll try to post the vid soon! :)

Tip to Toe
Fully Beaded Headband - P200, Anagon Collection
Paint Top-Dress
Black Cover Up - Moi Bien
Sanuk Gold Shine It

Day before this shoot, I was deciding on what to wear that would make me look slimmer on screen (HAHAHA), and also something that would best represent me as Anagon -- the artist behind Anagon Collection! ;) NAKS! Haha! I dont want to look overdressed (heels), nor would I want to look like my sloppy ol self. Of course, I wore something "Anagon Collection"--thus the fully beaded headband--which I currently love so much!!! :)

With THE ONE host: Nikka! :)
Hope I said the right things! I am actually super duper shy, so when I have to attend to things like this--I feel like an actress onstage, confident and having fun ----when deep inside I am a nervous wreck! :D Hahahah!
Can't wait for the vid!!! :)


  1. wow sosyal! tumi-TV ka na ngayon sis! congrats! :) and YES! you ARE a young achiever! :)

  2. thanks sis for always being here!!! :) :) Hindi ako sosyal hahaha, mess nga ako nun, i hope i said the right things with the right grammar hahahaha :D


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