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Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh finally I was able to blog here again!

My Explorer went (irritatingly) crazy the past few days, and I cant open my Multiply and Blogger--thus became more active with my FB! :D Hahaha!
Anyway, last Thursday, UST Tigers finally entered the Final 4 again! It wasnt because we won against the UE game that day, but DLSU lost against NU on the first game! :D It was crazy---I dont want to cheer for the loss of another team, but they just paved way to our team to join the semis!!! Super excited!!!

For the game, I wore my deconstructed ONE FOR UST shirt I bought the previous match--where we sat beside the Yellow Jackets (ust's cheering squad). The PEP TALK brand of UST tees was there, and I just asked where they got their shirts, which turned out they have stocks with them that day--so I bought my own there and then! :) I really love it -- for just P250! :D Order yours at =) ---coz baby we are part of the Final 4 yo! :D Hahahah!

Tip to Toe:
ONE FOR UST Yellow Shirt- P250, Pep Talk (
Zipper Black Skirt - P300, SM =)
Accessories - Anagon Collection

Before and after the game, I wore an oversized blue checkered polo I thrifted, just to cover my UST tee while doing meet ups in La Salle (hahaha). It also instantly served as a cover up since the weather was really unpredictable the past few days. To rain or not to rain? :D

Dylan Ababou
With my Tiger-crush-since college (Hahaha)
MVP Ababou! :)

Dylan Ababou + Institusyown!

Group pic! :)
I love my Tigers-Friends :)

Cant wait for the next games!!! :) 

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