Another Photoshoot with Patty M =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last Saturday, though rainy and wild-wild to commute, I braved my way to Katipunan via MRT-LRT2 (then tric) for another shoot with my model-turned-photographer Patty Mendoza. =) We held the shoot indoors--and still got really nice results! =)

Both beautiful photos above are by Patty, the clothes are from another online shop: Poisonberry ( and I provided for the accessories. Patty and I also took charge of styling the models, which I find really really cool and fun. I really wanted to work for a magazine...and thanks to technology and the creativity-bursting young generation--I get to do magazine-stuff related to my business! =) Super fun!

Un-combed hair ;)
Gray Librarian "favorite jacket" - Mom's closet
Orange Floral Top - Thrifted
Brown Belt - Dad's
Black Leggings
Sanuk Gold Shine It

Another best part in having photo shoots is meeting new interesting people. =) Pic above--I was sandwiched by Ate Arnina and Ate Louise--our Make Up Artists for this shoot! =) They both finished engineering in De La Salle University, but then, took make up course at the La Salle school to--and now certified MUAs! =) Classic life-route-shift story! =) (I am a journalism grad-turned-entrepreneur-designer! ;D)

I love MUAs for they are very creative people, plus the Art of enhancing another person's beauty is a great talent. Though I can craft a bangle in a snap, I am beauty-challenged. I cant apply liquid eyeliner with steady hands, nor can I choose the right shade of lippies or foundation for myself! ;p Ate Arnina and Ate Louise were super generous in giving makeup tips that day--like what brands are good from the high end to low end. =)

Sandwiched between two pretty girls! =) Model in black tee is Tata Garcia. It was my first time to work with her, but she's really nice! =) She also posed for CandyMag several times for the Beauty Sections, and is currently a PE teacher in an International School--which I find really really cute! (Me: Ako I want to be an Art Teacher!). This photo was taken after the shoot, at around past 2:30pm, and Tata was rushing to get to Araneta on time for the Ateneo-FEU game. An avid UAAP fan, I asked her:

Me: Palagi ka rin ba nanunuod ng UAAP?
Tata: My boyfriend is a basketball player. =)
Me: OH!?? Sinooo!??
Tata: Kirk Long...
OK! OMG I was super star strucked!!! =D

My other model for this shoot is Sab Anupol, and I've worked with her for years already! :) We met at the Candy Mini-Mag shoot during my 1year stint for the teen magazine--and since then we never lost contact. sab is also into accessories making, and fashion, and she's also a Thomasian! =) I am not sure which of these made us click, but I am happy to have a sweet friend like Sab! =) The pic was taken in her car--she drove me to Makati all the way from her house in San Juan! We also had super-late lunch in her house, which was around 4pm already! =D

---In photo shoots, especially when it's this fun, you can never really keep track of time! And you even forget your meal times! :D


My feature for The One show by Manila Times Journalism Students is up and streaming already! Watch me and my bloopers (hahaha) at: !!! =)

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  1. ako rin i'm clueless when it comes to makeup haha! ang fun nitong shoot na 'to sis! see you at the candy fair weeeeh! :D


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