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Thursday, October 08, 2009

And I'm saying this in the most "un-emo" and un-Peyton Sawyer-ish way, since I meant that all my cheapo gadgets just gave up on me! ;p

Now here's my Alcatel phone, a flip phone that has been of-service to me for 2 (or 3?) years...and lately since I've been wanting a new phone, I kept on dropping (unintentionally) my poor "D.A." (phone's name, haha) resulting to a broken front radio-feature thing and pictures taken looked like Lomo photos! :D

My friends and I talked about this before, that when you want to change your phone, but it's still working and in tiptop shape, you subconsciously drop it or jsut throw it that you'll have a more valid reason for getting a new one. Haha. But now that I have more expenses in mind (Hong Kong trip by end of the month with my friends!)...I settled on my DA, and took extra care of him again. Hehehe.
(Alcatel photo from:

The black PC I've been using for years was bought from the money I won in the Banana Peel design contest (P20k). I wasnt really the O.C. type, and didnt care about virus, till it struck my PC months ago. I can still open my computer, although it's shutting down on it's own..I still force it open every now and then...Until weeks ago, when it completely gave up already. Been using my sister's laptop since. ;p Which isnt really convenient since she has school work, while my shop is ONLINE. Hassle.

And last but not the least, my dear ol FUJI camera, a hand-me-down from my mom, who also got it as pasalubong from relatives abroad. My barx call this cam (which some of them also own, bought from US too!) the "cheapo cam" since it's, i think, at around P3k only--but can take really decent shots. I dont really need bulky SLRs, so I was happy with Fuji---which I took with me in all UAAP games (seen on tv last season, while i was jumping up and down, yo! haha), out of towns (even in a snorkling trip to Palawan--dangers of getting soaked and all haha), out of the country (Marj!), barx gimmicks, unplanned gimmicks, basagans, taking food photos when I dine out (a special thing for me during my "Me-Times"), and of course, been the biggest help taking photos of each of my new accessories for Anagon Collection! But because I am, as I've said, really not OC, I kept on viewing pics from the cam while the cam is inside my bag, resulting to "error in lens" or something..and now the lens  do not pop out of the cam everytime I turn it on. =(

Fuji Fine Pix
2006(???)-October 2009
Cause of Death: Abused by owner.
May you now rest in peace

Anyway, yesterday I got hold of a new point-and-shoot cam (again, because I am kuripot and I want something handy/not bulky). I was straightforward to the camera shop owner in famous Hidalgo when I asked him "Ano po ang pinaka mura niyong camera?"

So I got myself a Nikon L19. =) That fast and instant! =) I tried to text pa my ate and Ana and Me-an for their insights on the camera brand/model..but I cant wait any longer (ate wanted me to think about it pa, Ana and Me-an want me to read reviews pa over the net).

When Fuji gave up on me, I felt the need for a replacement because I'll need to take pics of my Collection (or I will not earn from my online shop!)...and of course, to catch more memories!
I just cant live without a camera. =D

(photo from

To more memories!

TFC. =)

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