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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some looks on past events I attended:

For a NU Skin event thing of my bes, who was awarded that night--and also had a really nice speech which made me teary eyed hahaha. They said to wear black--I wasnt prepared and my pockets werent prepared as well with spending on a new outfit, so I used my long shirt/top--and wore it as dress. Wore it with silver headband (sparkly, because it's uso hahaha), my silver fringe chains necklace from Anagon Collection (yeah! haha!), and black pumps. Wasnt feeling thin that day, but then, maybe I am comfortable already in my own skin. To hell with excess baggage! :D I felt like a STAR! Hahaha!


Another event for the month is the Candy Fair, which happened on the day when the storm Ondoy struck the country, and left a lot of people helpless. =( Surprisingly, the fair pushed through even though it was raining hard that morning.

My Candy Girl outfit! Hot Pink, Black, White: Which, coincidentally, also the colors of this year's fair! :D

I was excited for the event since I've been looking forward to this every year: Candy Bazaar (where my Collection is always ALWAYS supported by the Candy Girls!), and also meeting with candy friends! =) This year though, few people were able to make it, lots cancelled on the same day. It was loads of fun still since I was able to roam around the event and watch the program and play in the different sponsors' booths--since my stall isnt as "dinumog" as the past years.

Anyway, really hope the Candy peeps are cooking a repeat for the year. It can even be a FUNd-Raising thing for the Ondoy victims, which I am sure all Candy Girls will willingly support and participate in. I love Candy Girls! =) Theyre all sweet and smart and fun-loving, like the magazine we all came to love all these years. ;)

TFC =)

PS: More photos and watch me at the Candy Fair 2009 Highlights: HERE

Hahaha! ;D

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