Lazy Anagon and her Current Wish List

Friday, October 09, 2009

I am recently having a hard time working on my Collection. It's like I have no more time. I have ideas that I cant work on right away, and maybe Ive forgotten some of them already before I can even make them. My hatest part in this is when I already get the materials for certain Anagon projects, but ending up not being able to make them. Oh I'm such a mess! Lots of things are going on inside my head now, nothing in particular, nothing dead-serious, but I feel "busy being busy" and ending up not accomplishing anything! Hayayay!

Anyway, I turned down a total of THREE bazaars for this month: two with a gradeschool classmate that I met at the Candy Fair--she invited me to bazaars in Cuenca and Bellevue hotel here in Alabang. The third one is a recent invitation by a bazaar organizer, which will be held outside Glorietta 3--the one in front of HardRock and beside UCC and 6750. I turned down Mia's bazaars because it might be Marj's birthday of the year on those dates, while I turned down the Glorietta bazaar because of the rates and location. It's for P8k=5 days (next week already! which is another down-factor..I hate rushing!). Plus, the location might be near malls, BUT being near malls mean that people might opt to stay inside the airconditioned establishments than cross to our bazaar. (Cea Gonzales, 2009) Think of Glorietta 4 and how people, including yours truly, wouldnt want to cross to this building even if it's just one block away. Too lazy. ;p

Anyway, maybe I have to have the Hong Kong barx trip first before I get back to my organized-"high"-businesswoman self. Not that I am lagging around--I made new Bibs Collection yesterday, and just finished reworking the black Tough Hats left with me----But my room is still a mess, and there are still unfinished business, so I guess going to HK might drain my earnings all these months.....but it might be a good break from all these chaos. =)

Wish List:

Photo from (what a mean site, haha)
I want MK Olsen's fashion, but now I appreciate EVERYTHING about her! Haha!
I want her hair...Maybe I'll be "lightening" my mane few days from now. You think it will suit me? Haha!
I want wavy tresses too, but my hair is still short. Lets see what will happen, haha!

Photo from
Here's another MK-Envy List: Her Bag. I want a big fringey bag just like that.
No I dont need it in same (hefty-priced) brand, but I feel that I dont have enough big bags for my everyday (or every Meet-ups/Suppliers-Day) use. It's chic, but still functional. =)

From the
Last but not the least, I want a "favorite black shoes" hehe! I want it to be in leather, with heels, and something I can wear with everything, day and night! =)


I think it's nice to have a style icon. It makes things easier for my materialistic-desires (haha) since I wouldnt need to follow everything beautiful that pops infront of me. Hehe!
Aside from that, it pays to have an Icon who isnt only a good dresser, but someone inspiring.

Maybe I'll be able accomplish my wishlist on my trip to HK!
Messed-up I may be now, that's a nice thing to look-forward-to this month =)
Yey! :D


  1. you're going to HK? wow i'm so jealous! :D
    and as i said, you gotta have an assistant na! :D

  2. YES! :D We booked nun summer pa! :D And now anjan na shaaa (the trip) hahaha! :D
    WAH! I WANT an assistant, but hindi ko pa ata afford!!! :D WAAAA!


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