Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TV lied to us one too many times already, like in the case of the "reunion blues". Characters of a popular TV series would one day get all buzzed up for an up coming get-together with college classmates. Scared of "impressions" built on comparison of who you were before, and who you turned out to be. Scared of becoming the "loser" or the one who did not made it versus Life. The ones who broke up with college love interests. Or the one who grew fat and became a big loser.

But in all honesty, I was more of psyched when I found out that my college classmates were planning another "Basagan Season"---which is what we call our "random get-togethers" held for the past 4 seasons at Mel De Quiros' rooftop. We can't call it "every Christmas", as we just had the 4th Season last summer. Basagan Season would just pop out of nowhere, and then all of a sudden, lots of us will come over at around 9pm earliest, always past dinner, and have a great night-till-morning of booze, catching ups, videoke, pulutan, and just getting crazy--like we were still university kids!

And every season, there will always be that one person who will stand out, the "star of the night", or the "Basag"--the most drunk-est of all the drunk! :D For our first season, still in our senior year as Journalism students, there's Gina*, who begged for more of the blue pretty drink..and woke up with photos of her crawling on the floor, with our gay classmates clobbered around her! Second season, the only time I did not attend, there was Mylene*, who with all prim-and-proper-ness in class, suddenly sang a Salbakuta song and danced. Third season was when I became a star...talked non-stop in English when in regular days, I normally dont even converse in this language. Fourth season's crown went handsdown to Genie*, whom we caught lying in the carpet the morning after--God knows what happened to her as I blacked out waaay earlier! :D

[* - names were changed to protect their images hahaha]

For this season though, the turnabout of things were surprising. No drunk kids, no one "starred" the night, and no videoke-hogging happened. We had fun conversations, laughtrips, I held the first "Basagan Bazaar" where my first ever buyers in Anagon Collection history bought items from me again (!!!=)), we had the videoke time--where silly jokes were brought up, and though some slept peacefully (first time! we often crawl our way to the beds, or people were bodily carried the past years! :D..this year though, they woke up wrapped in blankets..slept comfortably!)...

...I on the other hand, stayed up with the rest of those who were still "alive". And these people in slumbers slept not because they were drunk, but because they were tired! We called the night as the Basagan Season Finale. We finally came to the conclusion that, sad to admit, but maybe we were getting old. We talked about work, serious stuff like politics, our post-college travels, people we meet, and the best sign of "ageing" is that we talked about the "good ol days" like these were some part of history that we will tirelessly reminisce all over again everytime we meet. :D

And aside from calling it the Season Finale, it was also the "Tulugan/Kwentuhan Season 1"---and event where people may sleep when theyre tired, or may stay up late with those we were game enough to chat some more under the 5am moon, and wait for the sun to rise at around 6 am, Christmas-cold and all, till we finally left the house at around 6:30am.

Things may be different these days. Some got tired easily, and there were others who left the party earlier than the usual (and sober!) for early morning obligations. Some people were looking for coffee instead of beer. Some were more sociable now, while others were more quiet. There were big changes like having ex-chain smokers, and there were things that stayed the same like class jesters.

And so we decided that we can have dinner the next "basagan" season. [And maybe a few drinks, haha!] But the point of every season with my "kabasags" is that it will always be the company that matters. People may appear as a different person every single time we meet--I myself may change for the better and for the worse...but the best part in this class is, there werent really any big expectations from each other. A part of us will still be those bunch of crazy college kids, out to have fun before changing the world with their pens.......or their computers, or the television, or their DSLRs, or their plies, or their what-have-yous. ;-)

And for that....
Cheers with a cup of coffee, a crystal glass of chardonay, or a plastic cup of randomly-mixed-gin or vodka. ;)


  1. Don't you just love reunions with friends :)

  2. Yes! :D And I just love too sis na youre supporting my blooog! :D Hahaha! :D
    See you around online!!! ;D


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