"Holiday Hair"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My friend Ana kept on bugging (BUG ANA, BUG! HAHAHA) ... on posting my new look in my Facebook, but I dont like a super-publicized online-area for something so narcissist as my my solo photos, hahaha!

I realized that I dont spend much on my self--on the "Beauty" aspect in Magazine-Section terms, so I really enjoy my every six months haircut. Yep! That long a time, I keep my hair messy and feeling-hipster. So these every six months hair makeover just have to be special...which started when I met two cool peeps named Tony and Jackey. =D

Tony and Jackey is a Korean Salon with a branch in Festival Mall. And although I am a cheapo who is used to P100+ haircuts, and even fifty bucks haircuts during my college years---I gave these guys a try last January 1...for my special haircut request: The Beatle Cut.

Fresh from the salon =D

..20 days later (my birthday ;))

In all honesty, I had fun with this 70s 'do! Wasnt really conventional, and others had a good laugh at my choice of look--but I'm proud to have sported it, and I think I pulled it off hahaha! :D Chinese girl or the Fifth Beatle?

The best part of this is that my hairdresser never forgot who I am. I brought up the "mushroom cut" to her, and she'll tell me that nobody (not one customer!) ever requested the same cut to her except Koreans and Chinese. Not a single Pinoy! So she'll never forget daring-yours-truly. After 6 months of not visiting a salon (for hair cut), I went back to T&J last June, and went out of the parlor with this look:

My friend Me-an asked me the inspiration this-time-around of my hair--and I answered: A Korean Hairdresser! Hahaha! =D


Anyway, after a long intro, I went back to T&J awhile ago for my HOLI-HAIR, looked for the same hairdresser I loved for the past two makeovers she did to me...(Daisy--and she is a Filipina! :D)...and here's the result:

Daisy curled my hair for free! =D Hahaha! Although this one is just for a night (she just used hair iron) ... but atleast I got a glimpse of how I'll look like with curlsss =D And I realized I need to wait till my hair is longer till I push through with this style. ;D OH! And the inspiration this time:

Brought along my Candy at the Salon. You think the extra bounce fits me? =D Hahaha! =D

Happy Holidays and Happy Holi-Hair! =D
I can feel Christmas in the air. ;D
(Did i tell you i'm a published poet back in grade 4? :D)


  1. hahaha! and yey for curlssss sisss! :D hope my hair gets loooong enough for real curlss! :D


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