Cause of Death: Weekend Sales

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I think my bank account, GCash wallet (electronic money via a telecommunication line popular here in our country especially for online shopping :)), and wallet just died! The famous weekend mall-wide sale in Makati was supposed to be avoidable, when I realized that even here in Festival Mall Alabang, there's a big big sale! =D

I avoided buying the floral skirt and floral leggings I saw in Makati few days ago, although they are just love, and perfect for my Viet-Cambodia photos! ;p But I really mustered just enough courage to turn around, leave them in the racks, and head to the nearest mall exit--proud of myself to have saved up a few pesos just so I am financially ready for my trip on Wednesday.

But on my meet up today in Festi, I saw this beautiful pair of glasses--thin rimmed but wide ala Wayfarers...for only P1300 (around $29). The pair already comes with the graded lens "with protection from UV rays, radiation..." and other whathaveyous, as explained by the sales clerk to wide-eyed-me outside the Korean optical shop Star Finder. She doesn't need to convince me more! ;p

New glasses with grade in just 30 minutes! Whoop, got it even earlier than my meet-up's arrival! ;p

I love big glasses, just because small frames make me dizzy especially when I'm outside and looking at wider ranges. Oh, I also colored my hair yesterday, self-made to, again, save a few pesos. =p I used a box of Red Lolane hair dye, which is a cheap Thailand brand. Mom said my work wasn't even out in all parts of my hair--but I think it wasn't so bad. ;p Hello Redhead! ;p

Red on top, then slightly turning black at the tips. ;p First-timer DIY hair-dyeing fail! =p
Posed by my Flying Hearts Wall, btw, as inspired by coolcool! =)

While checking my online sites: Snackarooo Time! :D 
I just love Oishi potato chips! :D And this pack of tamarind candies! ;p 

Few days left! I hope I'll gain more will-power to say no to beautiful items, and wouldn't spend till Vietnam! But when I entered Accessorize, one of the few stores in the mall with no "SALE" sign in front, the shop assistant who entertained me the past sale told me they'll be having their promo tomorrow. She actually remembered me and my sister from the last time (must be our "crazy eyes" for big pricetags slash!), and whispered that their bags will again be at 70% off tomorrow! =D 


  1. I've never experienced online shopping yet. Is it nice? Anyway, I love those big eyeglasses of yours. Its a trend now, I guess :)

  2. Cool wall! Have a safe and great trip to Viet and Cambodia! :)

  3. Hi Marla! :D Thanks! I love online shopping, but of course ill say this because im an online seller by profession, haha! :D

    Mimi! :D Thanks! Your photos in your blog are great too!! :)

  4. Cute glasses!

  5. thanks T! :) glad to have someone with same taste hehe ;) love your big heart shades too! :D

  6. thanks T! :) glad to have someone with same taste hehe ;) love your big heart shades too! :D

  7. anagon!! omg.. why are u so kind?? natanggap ko na ung stuff. andami.. naiiyak ako! huhuhu

  8. KARL! :) Thank you so much!! :) I am so happy with your blog post too!! =)


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