Countdown to Viet-Cambodia Trip! =)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nth planning for my Bullies 2nd out of the country trip since we went out of school and earn our own money already! Been mentioning about this IndoChina trip in my past blog entries, and finally, few days left and we will be off to Vietnam-Cambodia! :D

outfit post with Ana's Vietnam guidebook! ;p

Hoping for "The Perfect Trip"!!! =)

Right after their work, I met my Bullies in Makati, ate dinner at our super favorite pizza-pasta place in Greenbelt (Capriciossa!!! :D)...and then went to Tamems' house for our sleepover/booking of hotels/finalizing of itinerary. Since I am not into these kind of things (pre-travel planning), I took random pictures of what my friends were doing, and surfed the Facebook. Every time I give out an opinion regarding a hotel choice, the two will tease me! ;p

The crazy part other than fixing which country to go first, or how long we will stay on a certain city, was most probably deciding on the hotels! We will be staying on 3 different hotels for this trip! :D It's funny that the website we were browsing at for the hotels' photos and info also have customers' feedbacks section, which composed of the craziest negative reactions that would make you fear checking in the hotels! One feedback said that this certain hotel doesn't have an elevator, another said that this hotel's comfort room floods every time you take a bath! ;p And the horror of horrors? A client said on his review of a certain hotel that he heard weird sounds in his room at night! ;p Haha!

Outfit Post! =)

Fashion Equation =

DIY Shredded Tee
This shirt was from Tamems, a souvenir from her last trip to Palawan. =)
Glad she didn't make a fuss that I destroyed the shirt! ;p


Layered underneath with black cover-up from recent Boracay beach trip


Wore my shortened DIY Petal Shorts since the cover-up is too short for a safe-skirt while riding the bus. ;p =)


  1. Have fun on the trip!
    I need a vacation like right now.
    I love the shredded tee...


  2. cute pictures you looks amazing nice outfit

    have a great and enjoyable trip

  3. hey dear. thanks for visiting my blog. i love what you did with those shorts. i'm really into scallop shorts right now.

    by the way, regarding your sponsorship query, if you do want to sponsor me you can just send over some items to me and i'll gladly blog about them. i'll also put your shop's link under my "Sponsors" tab.

    I saw your Multiply shop and i love the items such as the red ribbon hat, floral fringe necklace and body chains.

    you can email me at if you have other queries on the sponsorship. :)

  4. Love your outfit Great DIY!! ANG GANDA... as you tought me :)

  5. Kookie: I am so excited with this sponsorship thing, will be happy to collaborate with this-day fashionistas/artists! It's something nice to look back to someday.:)Emailing!! :) :)

    NATHALIE! Nagulat ako! (Or: "I was surprised!") Heehee, I thought youre speaking in Filipino already! ;) I love your clothing color palette too these days!! Looking forward to more blog entriesss!! :)


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