Forgive the messy hair

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I always run-late for my meet ups! My usual 2 hours prep-time is recently extending since I am taking advantage of my room temperature without an electric fan on: Instant Free Sauna! ;p Walking up and down the stairs for few minutes, then locking myself in my improvised sauna to get fit! =)

Anyway, I had a single meet up in a mall near our house today..just a tricycle and jeep ride away. Wore my really lazy white jersey top tucked in my floral shorts, paired with brown open-toed flats, accessorized with a yellow bag, brown mala beads bracelet with fringe, and a denim fringe necklace- a new release from my site! When I realized it was less than 30minutes till my meet up sched, I dashed out of our house, not even brushing my hair! ;p Hah!

On top of my head: Notes I posted for a new collection. Removed them for the full body pic above, haha!

Magazine I'm holding: The May issue of Preview. Country's number 1 fashion glossy! I love the cover! KC Concepcion (a celebrity here) wearing a statement hat with the word VOTE. Fashionalism!

Barely a week till our country holds another election. Everyone's HIGH with their own "manok" (bet) these days = competition in the air--online social networking sites are now over-used to promote the person they're rooting for, the usual tambay (hang outtalks now colored with politics, and spare me my jeep/bus rides--but no, vans and jeepneys with huge megaphones playing jingles of candidates will pass by every 5 minutes! It's crazy, at the same time, a big thing! I am proud that everyone's more involved in national events/issues. May this coming change be peaceful, honest, and for the best!


  1. You look beautiful! I share in your hope for peaceful and honest times to come!

  2. loving the fringe! loving the outfit!!:) THUMBS UP!!

  3. Sis! Who are YOU voting for? :)

    PS: I love how the color of the bag just pops out! :)

  4. deep_in_vogue: Thank you so much! :)Stay beautiful as well! :)

    Ava: thank you so much! your opinion means alot!! :)

    SIS KRISSY HAHAHA! :D Thanks for complimenting the bag, just when i thought of selling it i realized it's really cute and "for me"! (nag change topic kagad e noh ahhaha! )


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