TAGa Saan Ka?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hahaha! Feeling word-playing once again, title is how we Filipinos say "Where are you from?" :-) I was used to writing in TagLish (mix of English and my native tongue--Tagalog) in my old blog, but now in blogger I noticed that the scene goes international! :) Which I think is cool! :-) (Blogger Peeps are Love! :D) But now I have to write in straight English! :D Anyway, I am currently visiting random blogger links from friends' sites and checking out other Blogger-Blogs to follow. =) Loveit!

Anyway, while reading Ava's former entries, I realized I missed out on a tag entry where yours-truly was tagged to answer! :D So happy! Been a long time since I answered tag-blogs, like, since my Multiply days! ;p Anyway, here-goes-the-random!  
  1. Give a top 10 list of things that makes you happy:
  • Listening to a song/to songs that I really really can relate with in that moment! Or better yet...being in a concert of a good band!! :D I can feel this connection with the artists and all the audience--it's pure love! :D
  • Comments in my blog posts/Facebook status/Online Shop albums. :) I appreciate people taking time to do this. :)
  • Me-Time (to watch a movie, go online and blog!, to eat really good food and really taste them, for coffee breaks or Fro-Yo breaks, or for make overs!). I feel that even if the world doesn't revolve around me, there is a sure-person who will forever believe in me and love me inside-out: myself! ;p 
  • Prayer Time. With prayer, meaning, those super-seldom moments of un-memorized/unplanned feeling of gratefulness  for the Almighty. I love that "lightness" feeling! 
  • New reading materials. Summit Magazines that came out even before the start of the month. And I love good books! I enjoy reading on my bus rides, jeep rides, and even when standing in an MRT/LRT (trains). :D 
  • Dogs! The sight of them makes me gush! =D
  • Fashion. And anything and everything that goes with it! Shopping destinations, fashion blogs, fashion books, fashion icons, fashion-related movies, and even fashion talks with my friends! :D I drool for fashion, and I live for it! (and also, it's my source of an accessories designer/seller! :D)

  • Friends time. I love them all so much...individually or as a group. Hang outs with no plans, or trips with itineraries: just as long as I'm with the right people, I am happiest!
  • Traveling! I am a self-confessed pre-travel lazy bone, leaving everything to my friends (booking of planes, hotels, planning the itinerary, etc)...and I am not too fond of taking note of street names or how much entrance tickets cost me, etcetera...that people going on a same trip after mine can never rely on my experience. I am not much on the details, unfortunately however cool it is to know every single place one has been to. But I love going to somewhere foreign. Paying for that steal bag in a different (confusing!) currency, trying out another country's Mc Donalds or KFC or 7Eleven, people watching--amused with their own fashion culture, the experience is way beyond happy! Can't wait for my Bullies Viet Trip in two weeks! 
  • My birthday--since I always make sure it will be a blast! And Christmas, because it's a time where everyone is happy no matter what. Happiness and love is in the air! =D
2. Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself:
  • I'm a vegetarian since circa 2006.
My vegetable curry :-)
  • My first "dream" was to become a teacher. Then in high school I wanted to "grow up" as a teen psychologist. and finally, late high school, I wrote for our year book that I want to be the editor-in-chief of a teen magazine and have my own fashion shop! :) 
  • I love low beds. Been sleeping in one since I got out of my crib. :D Haha!
  • I wear my black thick-plastic rimmed glasses at home, which I owned since high school. Had the grade of 2.25 ever since! I wear contacts when I go out not only for aesthetic reasons because my old school frames are embarrassing--but also because the wide angle of "the outside world" can be dizzying for me with glasses on. Wearing contact lenses for around 8 years already! :D
  • I am the biggest chameleon. I absorb the interests and sometimes even the dislikes of people who are close to me as of the moment. It's not exactly to say that I copy them, but they influence me..which I think is nice because I get to experience and enjoy and appreciate much more than my own-scope of interests. 
3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing
  • Anyone! :D... I don't have lots of blogger friends yet! ;p Hehe!
4. Link the blog of the person who awarded you

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