Fro-Yo Break

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Went out again today, and realized I've been going out since Friday, which is unusual for me. I always take value of my "Rest Days" -- the "in betweens" where I do not schedule anything that will have me going out of my house, and tour the heated-metro. 

Today though I went to accompany my friend Ana, who sold her DSLR camera online and will have the transactions awhile ago in McKinley (near her workplace). I decided that as the Meet-Up Queen, will be good to be there  in case things happen. We had lunch at the Pancake House--I missed their potato salad! :D Then we used the Starbucks discount thing from the planner and had buy-one-take-one drinks! :) P80 per frap! =D

Next stop was 2-buses-away in Summit Media, where I pulled out the accessories I lend to Candy...Then I was off to Cubao, riding another bus. Too bad the driver stopped waaaay too far from the usual bus stop, I had to walk miles to reach the mall. =p HEAT STROKE!

When I reached Gateway, I went to Pancake House (again haha) to order their Gurt --their own version of Fro-Yo! (Frozen Yogurt) I realized that the heat made me less of a coffee drinker (i dont want to drain!)...and craved for this cold treat instead! Called it "Fro-Yo Break"--my lame word-play slash lampoon-attempt of the Filipino's "Yo Break"---much like the "Coffee Break" of Pinoy employees, but cigarette instead of coffee. "Yo" is short for "Yosi"--a Filipino Slang for cigarette. 

Anyhoooo...Outfit post! :-)

This gray hippie-vest was a birthday present from my friend Tamems. We saw it together at a department store, and since I already bought too much for that day, I begged her to buy it for me as present, haha! While wearing it awhile ago, I actually get literally tangled with my shorts, my bag, and even to other people--to my horrors! Hahaha!

Wore my funky black H&M beanie inside-out (originally in black and white). Also, with my hair up--just so I can take wearing it on a summer! ;p

Grey Matters.
Shades of this classic color from head to toe. =) 
Anyhoo, I am actually listing all my money-ins and money-outs since the first of the month. More like trying to be financially responsible. I hope I can keep up though! Seeing where my money goes can be really depressing, a short of change (sukli, not pagbabago .. hehe) makes me frustrated! Hahaha!

Also, I am currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love... Especially during my bus rides. Maybe that is why I try to hop in a bus instead of my usual train rides! The bestseller is for the travel-lovers, and at the same time, travelers of life! =) I'd love to talk more about the book (that I am reallyreally enjoying!!! =))...but maybe in a next blog post. ;) Ciao!


  1. I really, really, really like your outfit sis! So chic! :)

    I've also heard nice things about that book, I must get my own copy :)

  2. Thanks sis! :) was supposed to wear leggings pa underneath my shorts...diko kinayaaa! iniiiit! hahaha! you have to "ms fellow bookworm" buy that book! youll love it! :)

  3. hi ms. ana! again you never fail to make me comment on your outfits!:) i love it! especially the bag! i can't wait for eat pray love. there's a movie i believe! is the book good?

  4. Thank you so much Ava! :) And WOW! I didnt know there will be a movie! Yey exciting!!! :D Something to look forward to!


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