Denim on Denim

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Went out with some of my girls yesterday:

Morning: To finally visit the DFA again for my Passport (with Ana). Took us barely an hour for the processing! We went ahead of our appointment time, and they entertained us right away. I guess it's because it was a holiday that the place weren't that jam-packed. Other than my shorts-problem (the guard noted that I had to wear pants, o-oh! Thank God he wasn't that strict and let me in the building! =p )... Everything went smoothly. The photo for the Passport required us to smile "without teeth" haha...Told the girl "buti nalang sanay ako jan!" (good thing I am used to smile like this!) heheh!

Lunch with Ana at Greenbelt, then tried to buy Dashboard Confessional tickets when we remembered it was the last day of the "Early Bird Discount"...but to no avail. Ate helped us at home, where she booked us online using her credit card. Also tried another Fro Yo brand (Tutti Frutti) but still prefer Red Mango (hehe)...and then watched J.Lo's movie The Back Up Plan, which is a nice light happy film. =) All other cinemas were showing just Iron Man 2!! :D

Dinner with Tamems and Kelly and Tep and still with Ana at Greenbelt Krokodile...since we were in tipid mode. (Actually, I guess only I was in tipid mode!) --- *Tipid: Thrifty.
Still, I enjoyed our P179 each meal of Kare Kare, Sinigang, and their sisig and baked tahong (Pinoy Delicacies)...over good catching up with soon-to-be-doctor Tep! :-)

Denim on Denim! :-)
Tamems: "Ganyan ba ang ichura ng mag DDFA?" (Is that what one wears when going to the DFA?) Haha!
*DFA = Department of Foreign Affairs.

Wore my H&M wedge booties again, after they rested for months in my shoe-rack. Worn it the whole day...and realized why they rested anyway: Heels, though reallyreallypretty, just kill my feet! Huhuhu. =p

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