4S Reunion

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 4S (our section) reunion with barely half the class attended was still a success (we were 12 by the end of the day). :) The "Saturday Lunch" schedule won amongst the three choices they posted online, and we all met up in Greenbelt Makati's Krokodile for affordable-group-food Pinoy dishes. When I entered the place with Ana and Ange--whom we saw while walking to the venue!--and I waved at my former physics teacher! She was known as being the "terror" teacher in highschool for being in charge also of student formation and discipline (hello violations and confiscated ID! :D)...but my class adores her! :) More stories on this day IN THIS POST. :-)

Posted about this event again since I saw a whole body shot of my outfit for the day ^^ , thanks to the post of my friend Alli. :) As said in previous post, I bought the oversized pink top from a department store, then wore a bronze pocket-watch necklace I had in my yellow hand bag. I actually used this very same bag on the last 4S reunion, but Ana said, who will notice? :D Actually, some thought the bag is new! :) Wore my black skinny jeans cropped by folding the edges, and a black clogs from my aunt (freebies are love!). =)

I can't wait till the next get-together. My physics teacher did not recognized me at first glance, plus some of my classmates told me I lost weight, which I think I'll take positively: that I've been taking care of myself more now. :) I also realized that I now speak more (I think) than when I was in high school..when I was painfully more passive and shy. Although still ms. introvert, I think being a journalism student in college thought me to be curious with other people, I ask them so many questions! I also made sure I sat next to people I haven't seen for the longest time (mrs. f, ange, judie and ate virgi!). I want to sincerely know what they're up to now! :) And we did had a good laugh too!

Why do movies/tv shows hate reunions again? I just can't get enough of old-time friends! :)

The two Anas sandwiching Mrs. F! :) Senior High school photo! :D

4S in Retro Costume. That was me in front, second from last (with the guitar) :) :)


  1. awwww, i love reunions... a trip down the memory lane is always worth every minute,


    PS: Maybe you wanna check out the new blog my friend and I made. It's everything NYC and more!

  2. yup worth every minute indeed betz! :)


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