Over-loaded Weekend!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Here's what I twitted awhile ago (other than the international/domestic seat-sale again): "in my line of "work" dapat weekends ata ako asa house since lahat ng tao dun nag oonline and nagshoshop hahaha! :D tambak ng irereply today!"
(In my line of "work" I should spend my weekends at home since people are more free to go online and online shop on these days! I have so much to reply today!)

I realized this after opening my email and Multiply online shop account...I have tons of inquiries and order forms to reply to! :p But even with these, I have to say that this busy-weekend was a blast! Here's what kept me away from the computer from Friday to Sunday! :-)


Call time for the Blogging Seminar that I was invited to in La Salle was around 10am. I arrived too-much-on-time (no allowance, how unprofessional noh? haha!), and after several problems with strict guards and visitors' entrance policies of the school, we entered the room and the first speaker was almost finished with his talk.

I actually had a great time speaking in front of the Writers' Guild, which I noticed is actually a room-majority-filled with boys! Haha! I thought I'll be intimidated to talk, although I spent ample time night-before in practicing with my Power Point...because I express myself better in writing than speaking in English. =p They're reallyreally nice. =) Made me fall in love with La Salle more, hahaha!

What I talked about:
You are a writer.
My story on how I became a "private" writer (first diary), then a published writer, then a blogger.
Tips on blogging
- Choosing your address and what blog-provider to use + a few tips on website design/look
- Different famous bloggers
- How to get your blog out there
Content is King
- Importance of blogging/writing everyday about things you are familiar with
- Pointers on blogging so people will read your post
- What to blog when there's nothing to blog
There's always a story to tell.

It all starts with what you believe in. Tell yourself, and then out-loud! I'm a writer! hehe!

My first diary. Writing is a way of story-telling.

Ambition: To be a writer. From my high school yearbook!

Had lunch with some of them afterwards in their school canteen, which is cool. I got to talk to them more, and even asked for feedbacks. I haven't eaten in a cafeteria filled with youngsters--foods all affordable, plus the chitchats! It's always noisy in a school, which for me is fun! Some photos I took + some photos I got from DLSU Writers' Guild Facebook =)

Will I pass as a teacher?
I actually chose to wear a jersey green top, floral blazer if classroom is supercold (turned out that it was!), black skinny jeans folded, black clogs. =) = The Teacher Look. Haha!

With my fellow speaker.

The group!

I got these: A La Salle mug, Writers' Guild pin, and a certificate. =)

I slept over Friday night at Ana's, and just bought a new top in the department store (hahaha) for Saturday lunch get-together with my classmates in high school! Ana and I had a great laugh night before, and listed stuff we wanted to try like new food places to visit! We also watched MJ's This Is It in HBO. Has it been a year since the great Michael Jackson passed away? =/

Also found out in my facebook that my styling stint story was already published! :)

I wasn't able to get a copy though, I was too busy last Friday and wasn't able to drop by a newstand. =/

Anyway, only a few were able to attend the reunion in Greenbelt, but I had a blast hanging out again with these people! Mrs Ferrer our physics teacher, the subject that gave me a taste of having line of 7 in my report card haha, was also there! She was super funny, and she looks the same physically--never got old! I love it that she has this strict/scary image in school since she's also in charge of student formation and discipline---but still, our class fell in love with her. =) She was nice to us, and she said in our reunion: "Kasi magaling kayo."

One time while having our lunch in Krokodile, I got a call from my shipping service Xend while Mrs. F was telling a funny story. I turned away from Mrs. F, and she was slapping my back the whole time while laughing at her punchlines! :D It was super cool and funny! It's also sweet that our former teacher paid for our lunch bill, in exchange, I treated her in our next stop which is a coffee/dessert place. =)

Attendance! Lunch with Judie (now a hotel owner!), Ana Ennuh, Alli Eli, Monsky, Geo (Ms. Politics), Tamems, Mrs. F!, Ange, Ate Virgi (doctor!)

I love Mrs. F! I thought she wasn't going to make it that day, good thing I checked Facebook that morning and saw her reply, I left my number right away so she'll have contact with one of us! :-)

Shared dessert with Mrs. F! :)

More catching up outdoor!--for coffee break! 
Now with Chickie and Diana--both came from work.


Although tired, I woke up early Sunday morning to go to mass and The Feast with my family. I missed out on these last week--I could not afford missing out again this week! Here's a lesson from Bro. Arun:

As said in a text-quote before, a minute of sadness is ok, but hours of this is already self-inflicted. Acknowledge even the negative emotions, lift them all up to Him. And then choose to be happy instead! :)

Afterwards, I went ahead to Shang for lunch (me-time :))...then rode a cab to Meralco Theater for the Legally Blonde musical my high school friend Mitch organized with her sorority sisters. =) Watched with Geo and her sister Gillian. 

The play was super cute! Starred by local celebrities like Nikki Gil, Nyoy Volante, Genieva Cruz and Guji Lorenzana--their stage presence is really awesome. The other actors were great too! Geo and I raved Nikki Gil's crystal-clear voice afterwards! :) And she's so thin in person!

But I guess what I enjoyed most that I went to this event, although a Sunday (rest day), was Mitch super appreciated my efforts and support to her events. I realized that I also attended the fund-raising party her sorority organized way back. I really like the feeling of "being there". I hope I can keep up (financially) with being the supportive-friend that I want to be. It's the goal in life! ;-) Hehe! :)

With the girls! :-) Geo and Mitch!

I wore the floral jumpsuit I wore in one of my first entries here in blogger! Tied the edges to make it appear as harem-style this time, and wore it with thick black belt, black small sling bag, and black clogs! :-) (too bad I dont have full body shot for this ensemble =p)

Before dinner, Geo, Gillian and I dropped by Geo's boyfriend's newly opened bakeshop! :-) Geo is super proud that I have to get some breads for my self! :) The set up was really cool, and Fred is a really cool baker, I know this business will be a success! :-)

Under house arrest today to catch up with my clients and my business! :) Replying on emails and web inquiries while still daydreaming of expressing myself through styling-blogging, cool theater plays, freshly baked breads, and hours&hours&hours of hangout with my high school family. =)
This is so going down as one of my favorite weekends! :)


  1. Congrats on your styling stint! :)

    After n years sana magkaroon din kami ng reunion with our favorite teacher. Speaking of, nakita mo po ba 'yong teacher sa class pic sa blog ko? Our adviser(last year) used to teach in St. Scho. Baka lang kilala mo siya. :)

    Sayang di ko napanuod Legally Blonde. :|

  2. Nadine thank you! :) super natuwa ako with the styling stint since first time!
    wah i checked it out nga, di ko nakilala =/ anung name nya??:) kaaliw talaga ang highschool reunion sis :) :)

  3. dont forget me sa mga to do list nyo ni nakat ah. miss you both! :D

  4. of course tamems! text mo lang ako!!! :D

  5. Sorry, tinanggal ko 'yong name niya sa class pic for her privacy na rin. :)) Okay lang po ba kung i-email ko na lang? I'll wait for your go-signal. :))

  6. tell me lang here :)
    hey sis, so excited i realized lapit na uli sigura candy fair noh! :)

  7. Message sent. :)
    Yup! May ad na po ba Candy Fair sa latest ish? Sana wala ng bagyo. =))

  8. You are such a busy bee Ate! Seems you're enjoying. Keep on having fun! Sana magkaron ka din ng talk sa UST. something similar with that of DLSU's writer's guild. I hope I can meet you in person one day. Clarice told me you're super friendly. :) Visit UST, I should've met you nung muntik na kayong mag-shoot ni Ate Abs sa UST last month, sayang. Oh well, someday, we'll see! :D

  9. Nadine! Yes I know her! I just got home, ill check my email again here sa computer by tm and reply!:D Such a small world! Ala pa naman candy fair ad, i think i just saw the news online ... siguro sa! :)

    rosette! thanks! it's fun to be busy with things you really enjoy coz all efforts are worth it! :) sana nga! i love ust! :) hehe! and wow such small world, with clarice and abbie! :) i hope to see you too soon!! :)


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