ristras: a new mexican dining experience

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here's what Geo, Gillian and I ate after watching the play Legally Blonde and visiting Fred's bakeshop. This new found place is Ristras Mexican Grill, which is located in San Juan. I am in love with Mexican food for its variety of flavors and for offering vegetarian-friendly dishes, that's why I was thrilled when Geo suggested we try out this place. Geo loves taking me to different indie restaurants, especially those with vegetarian delicacies. The sisters ordered the HUGE chicken burrito, while I had the vegetarian chimichanga--which the waiter explained as also a burrito but fried. Since their serving is to-share, I have to have my order sliced--the other half for take home. Geo also treated us with the chips and cheese quesadillas. I enjoy their salsa and sour cream dips the most: really mouthwatering! :p Though the bill is quite heavy on the pocket (the chimichanga is P290 ($6.45)), while Geo and her sister paid around P800 ($17.77)...their serving size is also heavy that our tummies were full when we left the place! I guess it's best to go there by group since their serving size is big! :)


  1. i am extremely hungry now ms. ana thanks to your entry! hehe :) it looks uber good! too bad san juan is too far from our place :(

  2. Super far nga! ;p But super sarap the foods there! :)

  3. It looks very yummy. I am now vegetarian. I have tried so many things, I never even want to eat meat again!
    Have a great day.


  4. Yey! :) Glad to have found a fellow vegetarian in the www! :) <3 will look forward to your food posts tywo! :)


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